Exciting news from the nyumbani (that means house in swahili, FYI), we’ve added a new member to our family.  It’s a kitty and we’ve named him Twiga.

See this photo of Twiga?

Introducing: Twiga

Well, this is exactly how I found him on Wednesday afternoon.  I went outside after mom got home and I saw this little thing.  Now, I knew it was a kitty since I had kitties back at home in Ithaca, however I hadn’t seen one in a long time.  Plus, this kitty was way different than the kitties I’m used to.  My kitty at home is big and fat and black, not like this kitty who was small and orange and super skinny, in fact they couldn’t be more opposite.

Anyway, I was confused about why this intruder kitty was sitting in MY yard so I started running circles around him and barking to alert mom.  She came out and saw the kitty and picked it up.  Next thing I knew, this intruder was in my house and mom and Aunt Amanda were giving it food.  Apparently they thought this emaciated little thing was cute.

Kitty gets to eat while I have to watch

This new kitty was not only hungry, but also very dirty so after he was done eating, Aunt Amanda took him into the shower for his first ever bath.  I’m sure he liked it just about as much as I do…

Twiga after his bath

Next up, mom and Aunt Amanda decided “intruder kitty” needed a name.  The kitty was so skinny and had long spindly legs, which reminded mom of a giraffe so they decided to name him Twiga, which is swahili for giraffe.  Twiga is actually a very cool name because there’s so many variations that can be used as nicknames, such as Twigs, Twiggles, and Mr. T to name a few.

Look at those spindly giraffe legs!

This cat, now known as Twiga, is ALWAYS hungry.  He walks around and cries and cries until he gets food.

Twiga, crying AGAIN

Twiga isn’t special like me, so he has to eat local food and not fancy American food.  Mom or Aunt Amanda or Agatha make him a mixture of milk, rice, carrots, and tiny fish called daga.  I find this mixture delicious, but mom says that I can’t have any because Twiga needs all the food he can get.

Agatha, Jonas, and Twiga

Every day, it seems that Twiga is getting a little healthier.  He’s even had 2 visits from the Tanzanian Veterinarian already to get vaccinations, plus de-worming and an antibiotic.

So, it seems that this kitty is around for the long haul.  Now, I wasn’t so sure about how I felt about Twiga when he first showed up, trespassing in my yard.


But as the days go by this little kitty is growing on me.  It would be nice to have another non-human around the house!  Plus, Twiga is just so darn friendly that I can’t help but fall in love with the little guy.

But I can be affectionate too

This little kitty sure is affectionate












What do you think?  Should I let this little kitty into my heart forever?

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11 thoughts on “Twiga

  1. gramn

    Let him in Tito! He needs some love and will be a good playmate for you.

  2. Mary Sutterby

    Tito, bless your little puppy heart and your Mom’s for taking Twiga into your home and feeding and loving him. He is a cute kitty although different from American cats. He sure is long-legged ! It seems you two have developed a loving relationship and will be great company for each other. Now the big question, what happens when you come back to Ithaca? Will Twiga be able to come too?

  3. There is Twiggy..the super thin model in your Moms…cute kitty..will he become your therapy cat ??

  4. Will you bring him back to the US with you?!

  5. Angie

    Sarah, I’m a friend of Glenda’s. We had a cat appear on our door step7 years ago. We named her Ghost & we still have her. There must be a reason your little kitty picked you. As for us we already had 4 cats, so what was one more. Keep us posted.
    Angie R.

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