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Twiga Turns Two

Mwanza is making me a bad brother.  First, mom ships Twiga off to America without letting us have a proper goodbye and then the Internet decides not to work for 3 days so I can’t even wish my big Bro a Happy Birthday.  Bad Mwanza, bad.

Twiga celebrating his birthday in America

Twiga celebrating his birthday in America

You might wonder how we know when Twiga’s birthday is, if he was born in the dirty streets of Mwanza.  Well, like lots of Tanzanians, we just made his birthday up!  Twiga’s passport officially says that he was born March 21, 2011.  I suppose I now have some sympathy for those Chinese gymnasts in the 2008 Olympics, because when you’re from a developing country, it’s hard to figure out when you were born!

Anyhow, we’ve got our Internet back for now, so I’ll share some of the photos with you that Twiga sent me from his birthday.  I feel terrible that I couldn’t be with him since he celebrated my first birthday with me last year, but mom says not to worry because there will be plenty more to celebrate in the future.  Humph, but the future is so far away.

Here’s Twiga with some new birthday toys (I’m sure he was impressed that America has toys just for cats!):

Another birthday toy

Another birthday toy

Servant Colin got Twiga some toys

Servant Colin got Twiga some toys


















Twiga also got to spend plenty of his birthday napping:

All tucked in

All tucked in

Tuckered out after playing with his new toys

Tuckered out after playing with his new toys
















Twiga tells me that one of his favorite activities is playing pranks on Servant Colin, like hiding under the table and turning the Internet off every now and then.  He says having intermittent Internet makes him feel closer to home.

Playing "Turn of the Internet"

Playing “Turn of the Internet”

And just before he went to bed on his 2nd Birthday (which was actually his first ever birthday celebration AND his first birthday in America), he e-mailed me to say he missed me and that I should hurry up and get there.  I’m on it, Tweegs!

Twiga, surfing the Net

Twiga, surfing the Net


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My Commissioned Portrait

A sprained ankle is not the only thing that mom got for her birthday.  No, there was actually a MUCH MORE exciting gift from Aunt Amanda.  It was….wait for it….


Tito Pedersen, 2011-

Now, I’ve never been to a museum because I’m a dog, but I’ve always figured that that’s where you’d find portraits of people like royalty and presidents and whatnot.  I never thought I’d be worthy of a portrait, but Aunt Amanda outdid herself and honored me with her fantastic gift.  After unwrapping her glorious gift, mom let me check it out to make sure that I approved of my likeness.

Checking myself out

And you know what?  I think it is a surprisingly well-done portrait.  Look at how much it resembles me:

An accurate representation of me, no?

I also love that I didn’t actually have to sit for my portrait.  Now, I’m pretty darn good at the sit command, but honestly what kind of dog can sit for hours while someone paints him.  Not this guy!  Nope, lucky for me Aunt Amanda showed the artist a photo and then the artist added his own flair by putting Kilimanjaro in the background so that we’ll always remember our time in Tanzania.  (Side note, Aunt Amanda just climbed Kilimanjaro so it’s even more fitting!)

I think I’ll ask mom to hang my portrait next to the professional photo of her with her first dog, Greta, when we get home.  It’ll look something like this:

Greta’s portrait

My portrait

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My Mom Turns … OLD

On Saturday it was my mom’s 30th birthday.  As the title says, my mom is OLD!  If she was a dog she’d be 133!  However, when I’m 4 and one quarter years old, it will be like I’m 30 in human years so you might say that my mom is still young.  I think she’d prefer to think of herself as 4.25 rather than 133! (FYI, I got these stats from

Mom went out on the eve of her birthday to enjoy her last hours in her 20’s and when she got home she was disabled.  For Real!  She couldn’t walk and I didn’t know what to do.  Here’s what her ankle looked like:

Compared to her other ankle

Mom’s birthday ankle














My poor mom just had to keep her foot on a pillow all day on her actual birthday with a package of ice on it.  I didn’t particularly mind this arrangement since the ice bag tasted like food from the freezer so I sat and licked the bag while mom iced her foot.  I like to think that my healing energy was being passed from me to her while I licked that ice bag.

I’m very protective of my mom so after she was done icing, I guarded her injury the best way I know how: by laying on it!

Protecting my mom

You might wonder how my mom managed to hurt herself so badly.  Well, the way she tells it she was out with my crush, Miss Megan, Miss Miranda, and Jordan.  They were leaving Miss Megan’s house and getting into a taxi to go to a place called Tilapia.  Now, for all you folks who’ve never been to East Africa, I must describe the road situation for you to understand what happened next.  Most roads in Mwanza have giant ditches on either side for when the heavy rains come.  These ditches are really deep and obviously quite dangerous.  A lot of times there will be a small plank so you can cross and if you miss the plank, you fall into the ditch.  Here’s a photo of what the roads and ditches look like:

Dangerous Ditch!

Anyway, I’m sure you can guess what happened to my mom.  It was pitch dark out (once again an African phenomenon) and mom may have had a couple of Konyagi‘s when she went to get into the taxi she simply stepped off the road (accidentally of course) and toppled straight into the ditch.  In swahili we say, Pole Mama!

So next time you see my mom wish her a belated Happy Birthday (or Hongera wa Kuzaliwa) and ask her how her ankle is doing.


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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Bark If I Want To…

Yesterday was a game changer for me…I turned the BIG 1.  Aunt Amanda is the most super awesomest Aunt ever and she made me the best birthday cake in the world!

I’m a Big Boy Now


Look how far I’ve come in just one year:


Me and mom now



Me and mom on my 1st day home













If I’ve come this far in only a year, imagine where I’ll be next year at this time!  And thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday, I love you all 🙂

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Aunt Amanda’s Birthday

Aunt Amanda is getting old!  Yesterday she turned 24 YEARS old, and I’m only 8 MONTHS old.  I can’t imagine someone living that long, and you know what?  My mom is even OLDER than Amanda!  She better not die before me.

To celebrate Aunt Amanda’s birthday, we planned a birthday party for her on Saturday at our house.  We had all the necessary equipment for a proper birthday party, such as beer, Konyagi, lots of cups, and ping pong balls.  As a special surprise, Mr. Marcel made me a fancy outfit for the occasion.  He dressed me up like our Maasai guard so that I could help keep the order at the party.

Mom in her Africa dress and me in my Maasai outfit

Towards the middle of the party, mom and Catherine disappeared to prepare a surprise for Aunt Amanda, which was a cake with candles and making everyone wear a birthday crown while singing Happy Birthday, even I was included in the surprise.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

The night went on and on, these people stayed FOREVER, so eventually I just put myself to bed.  I guess, since I’m still just a puppy, that I’m not old enough to stay up that late at night.

In the morning, when mom and I got up, I was shocked at the state of our house.  There were cups and bottles EVERYWHERE.  But, since I’m a good little puppy, I helped to clean up by licking all the sticky stuff off the floor.

Licking up the aftermath

Then mom reminded me that we have Anna and that she would help to clean everything up.  This is why we love Tanzania!

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Today is my seven month birthday!  Which makes me about 8-years-old in human years, but I think I’m mature beyond my months.  For the occasion my mom dressed me up in my nicest black shirt and a bow-tie too.

My fancy outfit

I’m also celebrating because I’ve got more than 1,150 views of my blog!

Holy cow! Look at all my blog views!

You guys are super awesome.  I’m happy to share my celebration with you all!  Happy Reading!

Now if only mom would let me celebrate by feeding me some yummy, proper human food instead of the bland U-Turn-purchased puppy food that I get every day…

Thanks everyone!

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