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Farley Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Every day when mom and I are on our walk, I try to pull her down the road where Farley lives since I haven’t seen him in such a long time.

Heading towards Farley…

But every day, mom pulls me past the road and doesn’t allow me to see him.  Now, I know why she has been doing that.  Mom has been keeping a horrible secret from me: Farley doesn’t live here anymore!

The last time I ever saw Farley

The first time I met Farley










It’s like that scene in the last episode of the last season of Sex and the City (Don’t laugh, of course I know my Sex and the City quotes, you realize who my mom is, right?)  You know the scene, the one where Big comes looking for Carrie and she says, “And you can drive up this street all you want…because I don’t live here anymore!”   And now, this has just happened to me. It’s heartbreaking, really!

I don’t live here anymore!

You tell ’em Carrie!












So now I’m at a loss, my first canine friend has left, without so much as a goodbye 😦  I mean what’s next?  Mom’s gonna tell me that Santa and reindeer don’t exist either??

And so does Santa!

Reindeer DO exist!

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