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Guest Blog: Twiga “Coming to America”

"What games do ya'll play in Africa? Chase the monkey?"  Well, actually, yes, we do.

“What games do ya’ll play in Africa? Chase the monkey?” Well, actually, yes, we do.

Hi, I’m Twiga, the Cat (I’m sure you all remember me) and that’s me on the left.  I look like one cool, average American guy, right?  And you know why?  I just came to America – just like Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America“!

Like Eddie, I’m an African prince (all cats are princes, in case you didn’t know) who left my home to see what this America place is all about.  (On the right is my servant Colin, naturally portrayed by Arsenio Hall).

But you’re probably curious how a little ol’ Tanzanian street cat like me made it all the way to the US.  Well, sit right down and let me tell you my tail.  It all started in one of these:

In the cat carrier in my Tanzanian home

In the cat carrier in my Tanzanian home

STILL in the cat carrier at the Mwanza Airport

STILL in the cat carrier at the Mwanza Airport

Yup, you guessed it, still in the cat carrier at the Dar es Salaam Airport

Yup, you guessed it, STILL in the cat carrier at the Dar es Salaam Airport

My temporary home from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam.  As you can see, I tried to make the best of it:

Cat Nap!

Cat Nap!

The best part was no one made me go through security, so I could have smuggled out all the catnip and street mice I wanted.  If only I’d known!

I was kind of enjoying myself, but in Dar I had to say goodbye to my Sarah (who calls herself my mom now).  She made kind of a big deal about it, but I was pretty cool, because I’m one cool cat, remember?

On my next flight, I had my servant Colin stow me under his seat.


Stowed (in a tiny black bag)

By the time we got to the Ethiopian airport, I really needed to get out, so servant Colin let me wander around this phone booth for a few minutes.  I wanted to call and let my dogs in America know I was coming, but servant Colin was having none of it (Plus, he said that the charges from Addis Ababa to America would be exorbitant even though I’m a prince).

Chillin' Addis Ababa Phone Booth Style

Chillin’ Addis Ababa Phone Booth Style

Next we had this really, really, really, long flight to Washington, D.C.  Every 5 hours or so, servant Colin took me to the airplane bathroom so I could keep trying to get in the airplane toilet.  I just don’t see why this is such a bad idea.  I needed a bath, plain and simple.

But finally, after 17 hours on the same plane (that’s 119 cat hours, mind you), we arrived in Washington, D.C.  Servant Colin was a little nervous about Customs, but they didn’t even look at my papers.  The joke’s on them!  There’s no telling what I brought with me!  You’ll be reading about it in the papers soon enough, just you wait and see.  I’m looking good now, because I clean up well, but just months ago, I wasn’t looking nearly so fly.


















And just like that, I became an American citizen and a hero too – like George Washington or Shaquille O’Neal or the American flag!

My first impression of the US was this place called Starbucks.  It must be a new thing because I’ve never heard of it.

Still in that darn tiny black carrier

Still in that darn tiny black carrier

My first experience walking around the US was this family airport bathroom.  Naturally, I tried to climb in the toilet again (one wants to be clean to make a good first impression), but servant Colin advised me not to.  Not cool, servant boy.  Not cool.

Stare-down with servant Colin

Stare-down with servant Colin

And after one more short flight, I arrived at my new temporary home – Charlotte, North Carolina.  Though maybe now, it’s a bit more North Catolina!

Now that I’m an American, I’m going to take up some new hobbies.  First of all – I want to call this Miss Cleo lady – she seems really smart.  I need to start eating a lot more fast food and I’ll have to ramp up my gun collection pretty fast.

Of course, some things never change:
















Also, I’m sure someone will be interested in this Kenyan birth certificate I have for some guy named Obama.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 6.20.14 PM

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my emigration tail.  Now I must begin my endless pursuit of the American dream – starting right here:



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Mwanza Mugging

A week ago, as mom was walking to work, she was jumped by a man with a knife who pushed her to the ground and then stole her bag which contained a laptop, her iPhone, her camera, her wallet, and her house keys.  Mom and I had always presumed Isamilo to be safe during the day, however I guess we were wrong.  The man was hiding behind the wall in the ditch where mom walks several times a day to and from work.  Poor mom, she was so scared and could only watch the man run away with all her things.  If I were with her this NEVER would have happened!

This is where mom was robbed at knife-point

This is where mom was robbed at knife-point

Mom was very shaken by this incident and I did my best to lick away her tears and comfort her when she finally got home from dealing with the police (who did nothing to help the situation, by the way).

So listen up thieves and other criminals of Mwanza, I have teeth and I’m not afraid to use them.  If you hurt my mom, I will hurt you back, and that is a promise!

See these teeth?  I WILL bite you.

See these teeth? I WILL bite you.

Also, we’ve beefed up security, Tanzanian-style, around the house by changing the locks, adding frosted plastic to the gate so you can’t see through, and putting tons of nails on the wall so no one can sit there.  We are SERIOUS about safety because getting robbed is no fun.

Beefed-up security

Beefed-up security

And if you live in Mwanza and happen to see a black HP laptop, an iPhone 4 with a ton of photos of mom and American music, or a red Olympus camera for sale, let me know so we can go reclaim our things!

Be safe out there!

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It’s My One-Year Blogging Anniversary

According to WordPress, I have been blogging for a whole year!  Last year at this time, when mom and Aunt Amanda convinced me to start a blog about a doggie’s adventures in Africa, I had no idea I’d still be here and still be blogging.  But, here I am, a year later, and I’m still at it.  Thanks to mom’s PhD advisor, I get to enjoy the warmth and the sun for 5 extra, bonus months!

Here’s an interesting fact that WordPress told me: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012.  My blog got about 6,400 views in 2012.  If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed my blog, it would have taken 11 years to get that many views.

Since mom has been sitting in front of her computer for the last 3 days doing what she calls “data analysis”, I figured I’d get into the data-spirit and share some more interesting blog facts with you all.

The busiest day of the year on my blog was August 9th.  I had 134 views of my blog that day and the most popular post on that day was Happy Nane Nane!

My top posts last year were:

1. Dog-Friendly Hotels in East Africa

2. Arusha to Mombasa

3. I met Madaraka Nyerere!

4. Konyagi Prom

5. Living in Tanzania: What It’s Really Like

I always wonder, other than Facebook, how do people find my blog?  Well here are the top search terms that led people to my blog:

1. Mwanza

2. Mishkaki

3. Madaraka Nyerere

4. Setavin Hotel Musoma

5. Sukuma People

One of the funnest things is to see where the viewers of my blog live.  Here’s a map so you can see:

This is where you're all from

This is where you’re all from

That’s 76 countries in all!  The top countries that viewed my blog were:

1. United States

2. Tanzania

3. United Kingdom

4. Canada

5. Germany

The post that got the most comments was Twiga.  Apparently ya’ll were just as excited as I was about my new kitty brother.

And last, but not least, here’s your top 5 favorite images that I uploaded last year (after all, my favorite part of blogging is sharing a little piece of Africa with you and the best way to do that is through photos!):


This is from my post Insanity!

This is from my post Insanity!

This is from the post Sunset in Africa

This is from my post Sunset in Africa



Thanks to all my viewers for making my blog worthwhile.  If I was able to help other doggies or dog-parents or even teach you something new about Africa, then I feel pretty darn great about the past year.  Here’s to more Tito travel adventures!

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Journey to America, Part II

Mom declared it a computer-free Christmas so I haven’t been able to finish telling you about my journey until now, so here’s the rest of the story about how I ended up in the frozen tundra of Upstate New York.

Here’s what my looooong trip looked like from Nairobi to Amsterdam to Detroit to Syracuse to Seneca Castle:

NBO to AMS to DTW to SYR to COLD

NBO to AMS to DTW to SYR to COLD

We spent the day of December 19th hanging out in Nairobi.  I want to re-iterate how super awesome the people are at the Nairobi Hilton!  Every single person knew my name and loved on me like you wouldn’t believe.  To all my East African canine travelers, stay there next time you’re in town!

Throughout the day I alternated between walks around the city (to a chorus of “he’s so cute”) and napping on the couch until it was time to get back in the car and head to the airport.




















7:05 pm

We’re in the car headed to the airport in Nairobi.  I can hear mom’s heart beating and because I’m her therapist I know she’s nervous.  I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.  We’ve got a really long trip ahead of us and I know she’s nervous that something will go wrong with me.  I try to reassure her.  I know that I’ll bark and bite (just kidding, I don’t bite) my way through any problem and that eventually we’ll get to where we need to be.

Mom’s carrying me in my custom-made African dog sling so we’re looking super stylish when we arrive at the airport.

Slinging around

Slinging around


8:04 pm

We enter the airport and go through the first of many “security checks”.  The people want to know what I’m doing there, but mom just ignores them because she knows they won’t understand.  At the check-in counter we’re told that we have to go see the manager even though mom confirmed me on the flight months ago with Delta.  Oh Africa, when will you ever understand the awesomeness of the dog?

We spent almost 45 minutes with the manager explaining what I do and showing him all my paperwork.  When he was finally satisfied, we were released and allowed to check our bags.  We still had more than 2 hours before the flight so mom wanted to take me outside for a potty-break since I’d be forced to hold it for a really long time once we were inside.

As we tried to leave the airport the Security man asked if there was a problem and mom told him she was taking me to the bathroom.  The man said, “but there’s a bathroom just over there” and pointed to the human women’s bathroom.  What a dummy!  First, I’m not a human and second, I’m not a woman.  Mom laughed and explained that I didn’t use a toilet, and that I needed to be OUTSIDE to do my business.  I guess I should come with a sheet of instructions to hand out to people in Africa!

10:34 pm

We’re finally on the plane!  When our seat-mate came, mom said, “I hope you don’t mind dogs” to which he replied, “They’re not my favorite”.  But let me tell you, I won that man over like nobody’s business and had my head in his lap by the end of the trip.  In fact, mom asked him if he was now a dog lover and he said that yes, he was, as long as they were all like me!

Also, a big shout-out to the KLM flight crew.  They were so nice and made sure that I had lots of water so I wouldn’t get dehydrated on the 9 hour flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam.

On the KLM plane to Amsterdam with my new friend in the background

On the KLM plane to Amsterdam with my new friend in the background


6:19 am

We’re in Amsterdam!  We don’t have much time here so we go straight to the gate for our flight to Detroit  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I had to go potty so bad that I tinkled on the floor and they made mom clean it up with the only thing she had available: her scarf.  Sorry mom!

In Amsterdam. More waiting.

In Amsterdam. More waiting.


8:35 am

And we’re on yet another plane. Our seat-mate this time is a dog-lover and he’s also from Upstate New York just like mom and me.  He doesn’t mind when I snuggle up against him and sleep the 9 hours between Amsterdam and Detroit.

AMS to DTW on Delta

On the Delta plane to Detroit


11:03 am

We’re back in America!  We have to wait in a long line to actually get into the country.  Lucky for me theres’s a rug that looks like gravel so when I stealth-pee no one can tell and I don’t get in trouble.  (And even if someone did see, I dare them to hold all that fluid in for more than 9 hours.  Humans are lucky because they can get up and go to the bathroom anytime they want on an airplane, but us dogs, we’ve got to be strong!)

After getting through customs, we get our bags and a nice man looks at my papers and writes DOG OK on a form and we’re off to yet another gate to wait for yet another plane.

There’s a bit of culture-shock in store for me in this Detroit airport.   First, there are these scary moving stairs thingies so mom puts me in my sling so I don’t have to figure out how they work.

Moving stairs = scary

Moving stairs = scary

Then we enter a colorful hallway with a moving sidewalk!  Can your imagine, Americans are so lazy they need their sidewalks to do the walking for them!  Mom knows I need the exercise so we just walk the normal way that humans and dogs have been walking for centuries, one foot in front of the other.

Avoiding the moving sidewalk

Avoiding the moving sidewalk

Disco Detroit

Disco Detroit
















1:31 pm

We’re on a tiny plane this time, headed to Syracuse.  Mom and I are pooped.

2:58 pm

We’ve landed in Syracuse and we’re done with planes for a few weeks, hooray!  Uncle Ben and Grandma meet us at the airport for our last leg of the trip, a simple one-hour drive from Syracuse to Seneca Castle.

Uncle Ben has brought me a big puffy coat to wear and I quickly realize it’s because it’s FREEZING in America.  Seriously mom, after all this travel (66 hours to be exact) we’re in an inhospitable ice land.  WHY?

New coat

New coat

Also, while I appreciate the new coat, it makes me look fat.





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Live Blogging: Journey to America, Part I

6:31 am

I’m going to attempt this live blogging thing today as mom, Tito taxi, and I make our way to Nairobi in the car. Almost exactly one year ago I did the exact journey, except in reverse.

Here’s what our journey will look like:

Mwanza to Nairobi

Mwanza to Nairobi

Of course it’s pouring rain this morning, but I suppose it will make me miss Mwanza a little less…

Don't leave without me mom!

Don’t leave without me mom!

Grrrr, that’s my annoyed dog sound. I tried to upload a photo but I guess we’re already too far away from Mwanza and so the connection is too slow. Don’t worry, mom’s taking lots of photos and will upload them just as soon as she can!

6:43 am

We’re just past Kisesa, where mom works at the Health Center, and the sun is rising in front of us.  It’s super pretty but also reminds me how early it is.  This puppy needs his sleep!

Brilliant sunrise through the rain-soaked windshield

Brilliant sunrise through the rain-soaked windshield

6:58 am

I just had my first cow sighting of the day and we all know how much I love cows…HOORAY!

Cow, YES!

Cow, YES!

7:10 am

Our car problems have started just outside of Magu.  There was a funny noise as we went over one of the many speed bumps on the road from Mwanza to Sirari.  Tito taxi pulled over and sure enough, the car was broken.  Also, mom and I are a spectacle so we’ve gathered a bit of  a morning crowd of assorted drunk men.  Eww.

I'm pretty sure that all these men were drunk.  On principal, mom refused to give them money to buy beer at 7:30 in the morning

I’m pretty sure that all these men were drunk. On principal, mom refused to give them money to buy beer at 7:30 in the morning

8:15 am

The C-V joint on Tito’s car broke just outside of Magu so we had to pull over and Tito went to town to find a new car part. And my brilliant mother accidentally locked the keys in the car. So now we’re standing outside on the road surrounded by people who are fascinated by me and my mom. Wish us luck!

The broken C-V joint, whatever that means

The broken C-V joint, whatever that means

9:08 am

Guess who got to see more cows while we were waiting for the car to get fixed?  This little doggie, that’s who!  Oh, and then I tried to eat some of their poop, which got me in trouble with mom.  Oops!

Cows!  And check out those horns.  JEALOUS!

Cows! And check out those horns. JEALOUS!

9:20 am

While we were waiting for the car to be fixed (it’s going on 2 hours now), a nice man from a little shop nearby brought over some of the tiny fish called daga and let me have some.  Amazingly enough, this is my first time eating daga since moving to Tanzania, even though most local dogs eat daga everyday.  They were interesting.  Salty and slightly crunchy, but I didn’t have time for breakfast before we left so they were good enough for me!

Trying daga

Trying daga

10:41 am

We’re finally on the move again, YAY!  We’re just now crossing the ‘Narrow Damaged Bridge’ which makes mom and I laugh every time we see it.

HaHa, I wonder how long this bridge will stay damaged?

HaHa, I wonder how long this bridge will stay damaged?

11:19 am

Now we’ve passed Speke Bay, one of my favorite places in Tanzania.  Too bad we can’t stop in and say hello to everyone.  They’re also doing roadwork in this area and we have to drive on a dirt road (I’m unsure if you can actually call it that).  This road gets Tito taxi’s car all dirty, something which really, really annoys him.

Um, I suppose this is a road

Um, I suppose this is a road

11:28 am

We’re driving past the Serengeti Western Corridor gate.  I really wish I can go inside, because I love me some animals, but I guess I’m too much animal for a National Park.

11:35 am

Zebra sighting.  This basically makes my day.



1:58 pm

We’ve finally arrived in the border town of Sirari.  Mom and Tito taxi do something at an office while I wait in the car.  Lots of people gather around to stare at me, so i go and I hide underneath the seat so they can’t make fun of me.

2:49 pm

It took us almost an hour to do all the nonsense required at the border and we’re now on the Kenyan side of the border in a town called Isebania.  Mom and Tito taxi had to go and do more stuff in another office and again I had to stay in the car.  Then they went to a funny little office where mom argued with a man about something and eventually forked over some money.  He then proceeded to sit behind a weird, loud machine and made a paper that Tito taxi had to keep with his car in case there was an accident.  They also made me go to the Veterinary office where they looked at all my paperwork.  Mom told them that I was healthier and better vaccinated than any human who crossed the border so they sent us on our way.

Funny man, funny machine

Funny man, funny machine

4:45 pm

There’s Christmas carols on the radio in Kenya.  I almost forgot this is why mom and I are going to America!

5:13 pm

A crazy or drunk person (or maybe both) jumped on our car in a town called Sotik.  I did not like this man so I barked until he got off and was chased away by some other people outside.

6:16 pm

We’ve been driving for 12 hours now, but then we see a double rainbow and all of us are instantly happier.

Smile, it's a rainbow!

Smile, it’s a rainbow!

6:31 pm

More zebras alongside the road.  We were going to fast to get a photo, but I promise you, they were there and I saw them.  Mom says we’re near the Maasai Mara so that’s why there’s zebras here.

8:17 pm

We’re now passing the Great Rift Valley overlook, but unfortunately it’s dark so we can’t see it.  Luckily I got a nice view last year when we drove this way so I’m not too upset.

The sun is setting on our long day

The sun is setting on our long day

11:15 pm

I’m finally here in the Nairobi Hilton with some food and some water and I think that’s totally awesome.  Mom’s too tired to type up all the stuff that I made her write down today after we lost our internet connection, but I promise I’ll make her fill in the rest of the trip with photos first thing tomorrow!

Good Night!

Really?? I finally get to sleep now?

Really?? I finally get to sleep now?

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December in Tanzania

Well, it’s December here in Tanzania (and I’m assuming in other parts of the world too), which means I’ve been in Africa for a year!  A YEAR!  That’s a doggone long time!

Last page in the calendar

Last page in the calendar

This is a picture my great-grandma painted for my mom and gave to her for Christmas last year.  But G-G, what’s with all the white stuff, and the clothes, and the tree?  I’m confused since that’s NOT what December looks like in Africa.  Nope, it’s sunshine and nice weather all the time here, in fact.  Look here, just last week, with the sun in my eyes:

I'm not even wearing a coat!

I’m not even wearing a coat!

There’s Christmas songs playing and they really confuse me.  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”  But the WHOLE year is like this, it’s ALWAYS wonderful.  I don’t get it.

Although, I did overhear mom talking to my grandma and she said that the main reason she likes Tanzania is the weather and the nice environment it provides for me, which must mean that these things are different back at “home”. (I refer to home in quotes because New York may be “home” for mom, but Tanzania is “home” for me).  Now I’m all worried and stuff because I also have heard mom making plans about bringing me “home” for Christmas and how I’ll be in for a big shocker.  I’m scared, REAL SCARED.

But at least mom is trying to make it festive here in our tropical wonderland.  Mom’s friend Colin, who is now in my ginger posse with Twiga, brought her some stockings from America.  Together they decorated them, one for her and one for me.

Waiting for our stockings to dry

Waiting for our stockings to dry

I don’t entirely understand the concept of a Christmas stocking, I’ve never had one before (FYI, big fail on your part mom, for not getting one for me last year!)  Apparently, you hang them up and then Santa comes and leaves gifts in them.  Now that is an idea I can get on board with.  Gifts!  Treats!  My favorite!

We don't have a chimney, but we do have a wall

We don’t have a chimney, but we do have a wall

Unfortunately, mom thought it would be fun to play dress-up with the stockings and since she is bigger than me, she got me into some unfortunate, compromising positions.

On my foot, why??

On my foot, why??

On my face, why??

On my face, why??



















On my head, WHY??

On my head, WHY??

After all was said and done, I figured I could look ridiculous in the stockings for five minutes if it meant that I would eventually get treats out of the deal.  And we all know how much I LOVE my treats!  Bring on the roasted pig ears!

So, to all you folks stuck in frigid temperatures back at “home”, I scoff at your weather…

Temperatures below 80, pshtttt!

Temperatures below 80? Pshtttt!

…but please, pretty please, be kind to me when I get “home”.  And don’t make me go outside!



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My Mom Turns … OLD

On Saturday it was my mom’s 30th birthday.  As the title says, my mom is OLD!  If she was a dog she’d be 133!  However, when I’m 4 and one quarter years old, it will be like I’m 30 in human years so you might say that my mom is still young.  I think she’d prefer to think of herself as 4.25 rather than 133! (FYI, I got these stats from

Mom went out on the eve of her birthday to enjoy her last hours in her 20’s and when she got home she was disabled.  For Real!  She couldn’t walk and I didn’t know what to do.  Here’s what her ankle looked like:

Compared to her other ankle

Mom’s birthday ankle














My poor mom just had to keep her foot on a pillow all day on her actual birthday with a package of ice on it.  I didn’t particularly mind this arrangement since the ice bag tasted like food from the freezer so I sat and licked the bag while mom iced her foot.  I like to think that my healing energy was being passed from me to her while I licked that ice bag.

I’m very protective of my mom so after she was done icing, I guarded her injury the best way I know how: by laying on it!

Protecting my mom

You might wonder how my mom managed to hurt herself so badly.  Well, the way she tells it she was out with my crush, Miss Megan, Miss Miranda, and Jordan.  They were leaving Miss Megan’s house and getting into a taxi to go to a place called Tilapia.  Now, for all you folks who’ve never been to East Africa, I must describe the road situation for you to understand what happened next.  Most roads in Mwanza have giant ditches on either side for when the heavy rains come.  These ditches are really deep and obviously quite dangerous.  A lot of times there will be a small plank so you can cross and if you miss the plank, you fall into the ditch.  Here’s a photo of what the roads and ditches look like:

Dangerous Ditch!

Anyway, I’m sure you can guess what happened to my mom.  It was pitch dark out (once again an African phenomenon) and mom may have had a couple of Konyagi‘s when she went to get into the taxi she simply stepped off the road (accidentally of course) and toppled straight into the ditch.  In swahili we say, Pole Mama!

So next time you see my mom wish her a belated Happy Birthday (or Hongera wa Kuzaliwa) and ask her how her ankle is doing.


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Bark Obama

Today is election day in America.  I don’t know how much this day really means in the life of a dog, but it means a whole lot to all the people in America and also to billions of people around the world.  If dogs could vote, then this would be my choice:


Now my choice is not so frivolous as might appear.  Yes, his name sounds like my language and is easy for a dog to say, but Mitt sounds like Mutt and I’m basically a designer Mutt, which is totally what Mitt represents, so you see, my choice is more than just a name.

While we’re on the subject of names, I’ll just share this photo with you and then get on to the serious stuff:

Kitt Romney and Bark Obama

So why would I REALLY vote for Obama?  Well, he has roots in Africa for starters.  Obama’s dad was from Kenya, which borders Tanzania, my adopted country.  I figure that a guy who’s half African must care a little more about what my mom and I are doing over here than some rich white guy.

So, when you go to vote today, vote for the children, vote for food for all, and vote for education!  Trust me, people all over the world will thank you!

These kids will thank you too!

These kids will thank you!


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Battle of the Bedroom

Last night mom and I had an epic 6 hour battle with the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen.  Let me tell you, that sucker was HUGE!  I’m talking the size of a mouse huge.  It was so big, I was afraid of it.  It was so big I could hear the patter of its little feet as it scampered about MY room.

We didn’t get a photo of the ACTUAL cockroach, but this gives you a good idea of the size

I was the first to spot this disgusting intruder.  I alerted mom by letting out a low growl and staring down the creature as it ran from underneath my bed and across the room to hide underneath mom’s bathroom shelf.


At 10pm mom got up to go to the bathroom and I accompanied her as protection against the evil cockroach.  It was then that mom noticed that the cockroach was stealthily climbing up the wall of the bathroom behind her.  What mom did next was the fiercest thing I’ve ever seen!  Wielding just a shower head, a butt washer, and her iPhone flashlight mom battled the vicious cockroach.

Our weapons:

Cockroach Weapons: iPhone flashlight, Shower head, Butt Washer

Using these weapons, mom dislodged the cockroach from its perch on the wall, forcing it to floor of the bathroom.  She then sprayed it from both angles with the shower head and the butt washer.  Once it was a safe distance away, she proceeded to drown the cockroach for 5 minutes until she was sure that it was good and dead.  At this point, we were both feeling safe so we went to bed.

At 4am mom woke up to go to the bathroom and, lo and behold, that damn cockroach was STILL alive and had made its way to the far end of the bathroom.  So again, mom wielded her weapons and forced that cockroach back towards the drain, again attempting to drown it.  This time, mom wanted to make good and sure that the cockroach was dead so she also sprayed half a bottle of permethrin directly onto the cockroach and then drowned it some more.  Last but not least, mom grabbed her flip-flop and beat the cockroach to a pulp ensuring that it would never come back to haunt us again.  That woman has mad skills!

And there ends the epic story of our 6-hour battle with the biggest cockroach either one of us had ever seen.  BRING IT.

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Haikus from a friend

Mom’s super duper friend Colin, aka The Fiesta Chicken, wrote some haikus for me yesterday and they were so great I thought I’d share!

Here’s my favorite, since it’s all about me:


And here’s another one too:


So I’m feeling pretty special, having haikus written about me and all.  And if you want to read some more fun haikus by The Fiesta Chicken, then you should click here:  Be prepared to laugh.  I sure did!

That’s me, laughing.

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