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(Un)Happy Mother’s Day

First, let me clarify:  I love my mom and I always will and I wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, BUT this has got to be one of the worst Mother’s Days ever.

Last night was my last night in Mwanza.

Today is my last day in Mwanza.

Me and Mom on our last night in Mwanza

Me and Mom on our last night in Mwanza

This morning, I woke up and I decided to pick a flower for mom so that maybe, just maybe, she’d change her mind and we could stay in Mwanza forever.

But mom, I picked you a flower...

But mom, I picked you a flower…

But no, her plans were already in motion.  She’d given away all of our things, and packed up the remainder to take home (such a funny word, “home”, I can’t say I exactly know what it means).  The only thing I could do was sit by and watch her pack up our life (and make sure she didn’t leave me behind).  The tickets are purchased, we are leaving.  So here we go, off on a totally new adventure…

Waiting to begin, again

Waiting to begin, again


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My Mom Went to Dubai And…

she got me some Emirati dog food!

Dubai Dog Food!

Dubai Dog Food!


Mom said she almost got me diet dog food (gasp), but decided to get me the small breed kind instead and said that I’ll go on a diet when I get back to America, RUDE!  Personally, I think she got this kind for me because it promises to give me “firm stool quality” and we all know how much my mom loves a good, firm poop!

Yup, this'll do

Yup, this’ll do


Also, I think I could make a lot of money performing tricks on the Burj Khalifa (which, by the way, always makes me think of Wiz Khalifa, being the gangsta dogg that I am).  What do you think?

Working hard for my money

Working hard for my money


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Dawgie Style

Perhaps I’ve been watching too much of The Wire with mom, but I’ve got to get something off my chest:

Let’s get one thing straight.

I’m a dawg.

I might mostly be a dog, and a lovely one at that, but I’m a dawg at heart.

Because every good dog has a little bit of bad dawg in him.  Ya feel me? (Or feed me.  I’d almost prefer that.)

So take a look.  And don’t forget what you see.


Bitches Love Me


I know I usually write like the sweet and loving dog I am, but tonight’s a little different.  Tonight I’m a dawg.

And if you don’t like my tone, or if I’m curt with you, that’s because time is of the essence and I’m one bad ass mother-loving pupper.


Bad ass
















So what does it take to be a dawg, you ask?

First of all, you gotta be, act, and live hood rich.

Take a hot second and look at my crib.

Pup pimp lights:


Pup Pimp Lights






And more bling than I could fetch a stick at:


Mercedes Benz Couch

Gold Trim













And let’s not forget my main pig.  She cooks good, looks good, and loves good.  Mad love 4eva piggy baby.  You always gonna be my main pig.


Piggy loves good

Piggy looks good













But to be a real dawg, you can’t just live da life, you gotta love da life.

Go on and marinate on that a minute.  (And marinate something for me while you’re at it.  Daddy gotta eat.)

I don’t just sleep in, I sleep until 3.


They ain’t no alarms in this crib

I sleep when I want
















I don’t just have a posse, I coordinate with my peeps.


We only got gingers in this crew

Tito n Twigz out da house
















And I don’t just have threads, I look better than you ever will.


I got mad threads, yo


So, now you see I’m not just a dog, but a mighty fine dawg.

Ten pounds of dawg-gone, dawg-walkin’, dawg-talkin’, mother-loving dawg.


Word to my mother


And if you don’t agree with me, you can go on and shut the pup up.

Mad dawg love to my peeps and pups.

Tito out.

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Haikus from a friend

Mom’s super duper friend Colin, aka The Fiesta Chicken, wrote some haikus for me yesterday and they were so great I thought I’d share!

Here’s my favorite, since it’s all about me:


And here’s another one too:


So I’m feeling pretty special, having haikus written about me and all.  And if you want to read some more fun haikus by The Fiesta Chicken, then you should click here:  Be prepared to laugh.  I sure did!

That’s me, laughing.

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I Love Sundays

This is why:

Me + Mom + My Pig = Best Day Ever

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Reason #1 I’m Becoming Tanzanian


Reason #1: Today I ate mishkaki in an alley


Mishkaki, YUM!

And for all you people who don’t know what mishkaki is, I’ll explain.  Mishkaki is basically roasted meat on a stick, except that the cooking-man was nice enough to take my meat off the stick so I didn’t hurt myself.

Here’s a picture  my mom found of real mishkaki:

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