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Suri ‘n Me

I was trolling the internet today while mom was at work and I came across the most fabulous website EVER (except for mine, of course.)  It’s Suri Cruise’s (aka Tomkitten’s) blog, called Suri’s Burn Book.  I highly suggest you check it out:

I have decided that Suri and I are soul mates.  I mean, we are both super honest about how we see life and we don’t hold back when we’ve got an opinion.  We’re both super stylish, have popular blogs, and fun moms too (although it seems I’m a bit more fond of my mother than Suri is of hers, see the photo below.)


I’m also the perfect size for Suri and would make the ultimate accessory, since I know she’s so fond and discerning of her accessories.  The only problem is that I live in Tanzania.  I honestly can’t picture Suri, in her high-heeled glory, visiting me here in Mwanza (Zanzibar perhaps, but definitely not Mwanza.)  That means that I’ll have to wait until next year to start my friendship with Suri,  I can imagine us going everywhere together…

What did I tell you about accessories?

Trotting through NYC in matching red outerwear





















Taking New York by storm

Suri would take me everywhere, like she does currently with her stuffed animals, and I’d be her biggest advocate, protecting her from those pesky paparazzi.  I mean what little girl doesn’t want the cutest little dog as her best friend?

Suri, call me maybe?

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Boys’ Weekend

So, typing on my blog…with paws…is…really…REALLY…hard.  Just had to let that out there.

Typing my blog

Now where is the "s"?










This weekend my mom, her parents (I thought I was the only one who had them), and Aunt Amanda went to the Serengeti, but I couldn’t go because they were afraid that the other bigger animals might want to have me for lunch (I’m part hotdog, you know).

The Serengeti is full of wild and really big animals and they could be dangerous for a little dog like me, so instead I hung out with two Tanzanian canine buddies of mine in Mwanza, and even though they’re Tanzanian we could still talk because we all speak bark, you see.

My buddies Murphey and Cookie from Tanzania


The first thing we did was check out the area for anything dangerous like ants, or siafu ( as they are known here, and other insect nests, like bees or wasps, which are common in Africa.  It’s important to know this because there aren’t many animal doctors nearby and we should know what to do if we get injured by them.

Me checking the perimeter


All clear


On Sunday we did what we do best, which is eat and rest our bodies (chasing birds in one’s mind is hard work).  Luckily my dog sitter, Marcel, does this well so the rest of the weekend looked like this:

Before breakfast...


Before lunch...


And again in the afternoon, just to make sure!

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