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Suri ‘n Me

I was trolling the internet today while mom was at work and I came across the most fabulous website EVER (except for mine, of course.)  It’s Suri Cruise’s (aka Tomkitten’s) blog, called Suri’s Burn Book.  I highly suggest you check it out:

I have decided that Suri and I are soul mates.  I mean, we are both super honest about how we see life and we don’t hold back when we’ve got an opinion.  We’re both super stylish, have popular blogs, and fun moms too (although it seems I’m a bit more fond of my mother than Suri is of hers, see the photo below.)


I’m also the perfect size for Suri and would make the ultimate accessory, since I know she’s so fond and discerning of her accessories.  The only problem is that I live in Tanzania.  I honestly can’t picture Suri, in her high-heeled glory, visiting me here in Mwanza (Zanzibar perhaps, but definitely not Mwanza.)  That means that I’ll have to wait until next year to start my friendship with Suri,  I can imagine us going everywhere together…

What did I tell you about accessories?

Trotting through NYC in matching red outerwear





















Taking New York by storm

Suri would take me everywhere, like she does currently with her stuffed animals, and I’d be her biggest advocate, protecting her from those pesky paparazzi.  I mean what little girl doesn’t want the cutest little dog as her best friend?

Suri, call me maybe?

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I Need Your Help!

I’m trying to decide on the color for my new halter.  Mom has a friend coming to visit Mwanza at the end of August so it’s the perfect time to change up my look, but I’m a horrible decision-maker.  You see, there are no dog apparel stores in Mwanza (in fact there’s not many stores of any kind in Mwanza) and there’s also no addresses so we can’t get anything shipped here either.  That makes it really exciting when someone comes to visit since we can get all kinds of cool stuff from America.

I’m enlisting your help in trying to choose the best color for my fur-tone.  If everyone votes then I’ll be able to pick the very best color.  Here’s a photo of me in my current red halter for reference:

My red halter

Here are the colors I’m choosing from:

Sky Blue








Royal Blue









Thanks for voting!

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My Mom Went to America and…

she must have gone to Petsmart because she brought back shirts and DOGGLES!

“Lifedog on Duty”


The Hawaiian Shirt

I like the shirts, but feel rather ridiculous in the doggles.  Apparently they are supposed to protect my eyes from the strong Tanzanian sun, but I don’t see any other dogs wearing them here.  In fact, I don’t see any other dogs wearing clothes either.  Perhaps that’s why everyone laughs at me!

Chillin’ in my doggles


I think I’m ready to take them off now…

Anyhow, what do you think?  Are my doggles nerdy?  Or do they make me look super cool?

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