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Snow No!

Mom says we’re finally going back to Tanzania tomorrow, yippee!  While I’ve appreciated the cultural experience of snow, I’m ready to get back to my ideal environment–sun and warmth!  To me, snow is like really, really, really cold sand.  At first it’s fun, but after a while it’s just COLD.  And while I was lucky enough to get a nice, warm puffy coat from my Uncle Ben and almost-Aunt Kristen, even with this, my belly still has no fur on it and my little feet just aren’t built to navigate such extreme weather.  So here’s a few photos to show you about my snow adventures:

At first, I wasn’t really sure if I was SUPPOSED to walk on it, I mean it’s so pretty.  But mom gave me the boot and told me to be brave and go outside.



I'm still not really sure about this...

I’m still not really sure about this…

Eventually I got over my fears and decided to just PLAY.






Yeah my face is white, I was looking for birds

Yeah my face is white, I was looking for birds


Ummm, I'm kind of stuck over here

Ummm, I’m kind of stuck over here


There's teeny tiny me in the great white snow

There’s teeny tiny me in the great white snow





I also got to go hiking in the woods behind the house where my mom grew up.  It was a family affair with me, mom, Uncle Ben, and my grandma and grandpa too.  We even found a tree where mom and Uncle Ben had carved their names 22 years ago.  It truly reminds me how old my mom really is!

Uncle Ben helping me do "hiking"

Uncle Ben helping me do “hiking”


Mom's tree. It shows her age

Mom’s tree. It shows her age


It's just a little too cold out here for a teensy guy like me so Grandpa helped me stay warm

It’s just a little too cold out here for a teensy guy like me so Grandpa helped me stay warm


Because the cold was so hard on me, grandma got me some boots to match mom’s Uggs for Christmas.  Next year I’ll be prepared!

Puffy coat and Uggs, I'm ready snow!

Puffy coat and Uggs, I’m ready snow!


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Journey to America, Part II

Mom declared it a computer-free Christmas so I haven’t been able to finish telling you about my journey until now, so here’s the rest of the story about how I ended up in the frozen tundra of Upstate New York.

Here’s what my looooong trip looked like from Nairobi to Amsterdam to Detroit to Syracuse to Seneca Castle:

NBO to AMS to DTW to SYR to COLD

NBO to AMS to DTW to SYR to COLD

We spent the day of December 19th hanging out in Nairobi.  I want to re-iterate how super awesome the people are at the Nairobi Hilton!  Every single person knew my name and loved on me like you wouldn’t believe.  To all my East African canine travelers, stay there next time you’re in town!

Throughout the day I alternated between walks around the city (to a chorus of “he’s so cute”) and napping on the couch until it was time to get back in the car and head to the airport.




















7:05 pm

We’re in the car headed to the airport in Nairobi.  I can hear mom’s heart beating and because I’m her therapist I know she’s nervous.  I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.  We’ve got a really long trip ahead of us and I know she’s nervous that something will go wrong with me.  I try to reassure her.  I know that I’ll bark and bite (just kidding, I don’t bite) my way through any problem and that eventually we’ll get to where we need to be.

Mom’s carrying me in my custom-made African dog sling so we’re looking super stylish when we arrive at the airport.

Slinging around

Slinging around


8:04 pm

We enter the airport and go through the first of many “security checks”.  The people want to know what I’m doing there, but mom just ignores them because she knows they won’t understand.  At the check-in counter we’re told that we have to go see the manager even though mom confirmed me on the flight months ago with Delta.  Oh Africa, when will you ever understand the awesomeness of the dog?

We spent almost 45 minutes with the manager explaining what I do and showing him all my paperwork.  When he was finally satisfied, we were released and allowed to check our bags.  We still had more than 2 hours before the flight so mom wanted to take me outside for a potty-break since I’d be forced to hold it for a really long time once we were inside.

As we tried to leave the airport the Security man asked if there was a problem and mom told him she was taking me to the bathroom.  The man said, “but there’s a bathroom just over there” and pointed to the human women’s bathroom.  What a dummy!  First, I’m not a human and second, I’m not a woman.  Mom laughed and explained that I didn’t use a toilet, and that I needed to be OUTSIDE to do my business.  I guess I should come with a sheet of instructions to hand out to people in Africa!

10:34 pm

We’re finally on the plane!  When our seat-mate came, mom said, “I hope you don’t mind dogs” to which he replied, “They’re not my favorite”.  But let me tell you, I won that man over like nobody’s business and had my head in his lap by the end of the trip.  In fact, mom asked him if he was now a dog lover and he said that yes, he was, as long as they were all like me!

Also, a big shout-out to the KLM flight crew.  They were so nice and made sure that I had lots of water so I wouldn’t get dehydrated on the 9 hour flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam.

On the KLM plane to Amsterdam with my new friend in the background

On the KLM plane to Amsterdam with my new friend in the background


6:19 am

We’re in Amsterdam!  We don’t have much time here so we go straight to the gate for our flight to Detroit  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I had to go potty so bad that I tinkled on the floor and they made mom clean it up with the only thing she had available: her scarf.  Sorry mom!

In Amsterdam. More waiting.

In Amsterdam. More waiting.


8:35 am

And we’re on yet another plane. Our seat-mate this time is a dog-lover and he’s also from Upstate New York just like mom and me.  He doesn’t mind when I snuggle up against him and sleep the 9 hours between Amsterdam and Detroit.

AMS to DTW on Delta

On the Delta plane to Detroit


11:03 am

We’re back in America!  We have to wait in a long line to actually get into the country.  Lucky for me theres’s a rug that looks like gravel so when I stealth-pee no one can tell and I don’t get in trouble.  (And even if someone did see, I dare them to hold all that fluid in for more than 9 hours.  Humans are lucky because they can get up and go to the bathroom anytime they want on an airplane, but us dogs, we’ve got to be strong!)

After getting through customs, we get our bags and a nice man looks at my papers and writes DOG OK on a form and we’re off to yet another gate to wait for yet another plane.

There’s a bit of culture-shock in store for me in this Detroit airport.   First, there are these scary moving stairs thingies so mom puts me in my sling so I don’t have to figure out how they work.

Moving stairs = scary

Moving stairs = scary

Then we enter a colorful hallway with a moving sidewalk!  Can your imagine, Americans are so lazy they need their sidewalks to do the walking for them!  Mom knows I need the exercise so we just walk the normal way that humans and dogs have been walking for centuries, one foot in front of the other.

Avoiding the moving sidewalk

Avoiding the moving sidewalk

Disco Detroit

Disco Detroit
















1:31 pm

We’re on a tiny plane this time, headed to Syracuse.  Mom and I are pooped.

2:58 pm

We’ve landed in Syracuse and we’re done with planes for a few weeks, hooray!  Uncle Ben and Grandma meet us at the airport for our last leg of the trip, a simple one-hour drive from Syracuse to Seneca Castle.

Uncle Ben has brought me a big puffy coat to wear and I quickly realize it’s because it’s FREEZING in America.  Seriously mom, after all this travel (66 hours to be exact) we’re in an inhospitable ice land.  WHY?

New coat

New coat

Also, while I appreciate the new coat, it makes me look fat.





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Dawgie Style

Perhaps I’ve been watching too much of The Wire with mom, but I’ve got to get something off my chest:

Let’s get one thing straight.

I’m a dawg.

I might mostly be a dog, and a lovely one at that, but I’m a dawg at heart.

Because every good dog has a little bit of bad dawg in him.  Ya feel me? (Or feed me.  I’d almost prefer that.)

So take a look.  And don’t forget what you see.


Bitches Love Me


I know I usually write like the sweet and loving dog I am, but tonight’s a little different.  Tonight I’m a dawg.

And if you don’t like my tone, or if I’m curt with you, that’s because time is of the essence and I’m one bad ass mother-loving pupper.


Bad ass
















So what does it take to be a dawg, you ask?

First of all, you gotta be, act, and live hood rich.

Take a hot second and look at my crib.

Pup pimp lights:


Pup Pimp Lights






And more bling than I could fetch a stick at:


Mercedes Benz Couch

Gold Trim













And let’s not forget my main pig.  She cooks good, looks good, and loves good.  Mad love 4eva piggy baby.  You always gonna be my main pig.


Piggy loves good

Piggy looks good













But to be a real dawg, you can’t just live da life, you gotta love da life.

Go on and marinate on that a minute.  (And marinate something for me while you’re at it.  Daddy gotta eat.)

I don’t just sleep in, I sleep until 3.


They ain’t no alarms in this crib

I sleep when I want
















I don’t just have a posse, I coordinate with my peeps.


We only got gingers in this crew

Tito n Twigz out da house
















And I don’t just have threads, I look better than you ever will.


I got mad threads, yo


So, now you see I’m not just a dog, but a mighty fine dawg.

Ten pounds of dawg-gone, dawg-walkin’, dawg-talkin’, mother-loving dawg.


Word to my mother


And if you don’t agree with me, you can go on and shut the pup up.

Mad dawg love to my peeps and pups.

Tito out.

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My Mom Went to America and…

she must have gone to Petsmart because she brought back shirts and DOGGLES!

“Lifedog on Duty”


The Hawaiian Shirt

I like the shirts, but feel rather ridiculous in the doggles.  Apparently they are supposed to protect my eyes from the strong Tanzanian sun, but I don’t see any other dogs wearing them here.  In fact, I don’t see any other dogs wearing clothes either.  Perhaps that’s why everyone laughs at me!

Chillin’ in my doggles


I think I’m ready to take them off now…

Anyhow, what do you think?  Are my doggles nerdy?  Or do they make me look super cool?

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