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Doggie Daycare

Since mom has come back from America and Farley Fleabag has arrived on the scene, I have been spending my days at Mr. Marcel’s house instead of sitting at home alone on the couch waiting for mom to get done with work.  This is best for everyone involved because I get to play, Farley gets to learn about how to be a dog from me, and mom doesn’t feel bad about me being alone.

Every morning, around 7:30 mom puts my halter and my leash on and we walk over to Mr. Marcel’s house.  I know the way perfectly since I have an acute sense of smell and once I’ve been somewhere I can always figure out how to get back.  So, I lead the way and mom follows.

Arriving at Daycare

Once I arrive, mom immediately removes my harness because if I leave it on, then Farley tries to use it as a carrying handle for me and I can’t have that since I’m his superior.

Our caretaker is named Damien and he is a jack of all trades.  Not only does he do the landscaping and the gardening, but he is also our Early Childhood Education Teacher, and he likes to read English literature too.  All the people in Mwanza want Damien as a gardener since he knows how to grow arugula (although I don’t understand the fascination with arugula since I think it’s quite disgusting) and other yummy vegetables.

Damien, working his magic

Most of my day is spent playing, running, and teaching Farley things he’ll need to know once he moves to Moshi and doesn’t have me as his trainer anymore.

This is what we do all day

Farley and I also like to drink coffee in the morning, so usually we’ll conspire to spill the human’s coffee somehow so that we can drink it to get energy for our day of playing.  Here we are whispering about our recent success in spilling mom’s coffee:


By the end of the day, when mom arrives to pick me up around 5, I am totally beat from running and playing and having fun all day.  I sleep SO well in the night now because I’m so exhausted from my day at Daycare, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything since I have so much fun with Farley and Damien.  They’ll be my buds for life!

Three best buds


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Tito, Master Trainer

Some stuff that has been going on behind the scenes whilst my mom is away:

As the more knowledgable dog in these parts, I have decided to assist Mr. Marcel and take on his buddy Farley as my Padawan (which means “student”, if the force is with you).  AND, let me tell you that this is harder than I thought.

(BTW, Car-jumping is picking up as an extreme dog sport in East Africa since my debut!)

I really don’t remember being a pup, really, I don’t!  They’re so, like, inexperienced and stuff.  I am training Farley in the art of being DOG, which includes activities that require superior movement and agility.

Here I am at breakneck high speed during running training:

Running, full speed!

And this is Farley thinking about doing the same exercise:

Farley, not running

He just REFUSES to listen to me when I say that we need three to play rope skipping games:

Looking for a third…

This is me trying to show Farley how to point to the prey when hunting and stalking.  I don’t see how his tactic works, though, because I use the front left paw as dictated by hundreds of years of evolution.  I use my eyes and he sleeps using his back left paw, go figure!

Will he EVER get it?

The last lesson was playing dead, and …hold on…yes, that’s good Farley, good posture, hold the breathing a bit…DAMN IT, I think he’s sleeping already.  Cheater.

Hmmm, I think he’s too good at this

After that workout, there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to train the body to sleep.  Jedi dogs need their rest too!

May the force be with you, Farley

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