My Mom Went to America and…

she must have gone to Petsmart because she brought back shirts and DOGGLES!

“Lifedog on Duty”


The Hawaiian Shirt

I like the shirts, but feel rather ridiculous in the doggles.  Apparently they are supposed to protect my eyes from the strong Tanzanian sun, but I don’t see any other dogs wearing them here.  In fact, I don’t see any other dogs wearing clothes either.  Perhaps that’s why everyone laughs at me!

Chillin’ in my doggles


I think I’m ready to take them off now…

Anyhow, what do you think?  Are my doggles nerdy?  Or do they make me look super cool?

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4 thoughts on “My Mom Went to America and…

  1. gramn

    You definitely look super cool Tito. Just like Snoopy when he is playing Joe Cool. 🙂

  2. Mary Sutterby

    Well…..if they protect your eyes then they are very important. I am surprised you haven’t ripped them off, you must be a very obedient dog Tito. I imagine you do feel silly with them on when none of the other dogs wear them. Listen to your Mom !

  3. Those doggles are adorable! Love your blog =)

  4. Always protect your eyes from the sun. Even in unsunny Scotland we still have to wear shades!

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