I Need Your Help!

I’m trying to decide on the color for my new halter.  Mom has a friend coming to visit Mwanza at the end of August so it’s the perfect time to change up my look, but I’m a horrible decision-maker.  You see, there are no dog apparel stores in Mwanza (in fact there’s not many stores of any kind in Mwanza) and there’s also no addresses so we can’t get anything shipped here either.  That makes it really exciting when someone comes to visit since we can get all kinds of cool stuff from America.

I’m enlisting your help in trying to choose the best color for my fur-tone.  If everyone votes then I’ll be able to pick the very best color.  Here’s a photo of me in my current red halter for reference:

My red halter

Here are the colors I’m choosing from:

Sky Blue








Royal Blue









Thanks for voting!

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4 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. thestylescroll

    I love the royal blue! Have you heard of the UK brand Mungo and Maud. I have three dogs and I’m obsessed with it!

  2. How cute is this! I thought I was picking a halter for a human and it’s a cute pup!!! Looks like the plaid is winning!!!! Good choice. 🙂

  3. Mary Sutterby

    I think black would look great with your fur Tito, if that is too dark for summer then the yellow w/black.

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