(Un)Happy Mother’s Day

First, let me clarify:  I love my mom and I always will and I wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, BUT this has got to be one of the worst Mother’s Days ever.

Last night was my last night in Mwanza.

Today is my last day in Mwanza.

Me and Mom on our last night in Mwanza

Me and Mom on our last night in Mwanza

This morning, I woke up and I decided to pick a flower for mom so that maybe, just maybe, she’d change her mind and we could stay in Mwanza forever.

But mom, I picked you a flower...

But mom, I picked you a flower…

But no, her plans were already in motion.  She’d given away all of our things, and packed up the remainder to take home (such a funny word, “home”, I can’t say I exactly know what it means).  The only thing I could do was sit by and watch her pack up our life (and make sure she didn’t leave me behind).  The tickets are purchased, we are leaving.  So here we go, off on a totally new adventure…

Waiting to begin, again

Waiting to begin, again


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3 thoughts on “(Un)Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Don’t be sad Tito. You’ll learn to love The Finger Lakes and most of the US. Summer is almost here so it will be warm–for awhile. You and mom have a safe and uneventful trip. See you soon.

  2. Mary Sutterby

    Tito , you are about to be in a new happy place, although you will never forget Africa and Agatha you will learn to love NY just as much. Safe travels !

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