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Reason #3 I’m Becoming Tanzanian

I have a pet monkey.  Yup, you read that right, a PET MONKEY.  Now, mind you, this was not my idea.  It was my crazy mom and Aunt Amanda who decided that this was a good idea, but you know, I’m going to try and embrace it as the man of the household.

Mom and Flimpong

Aunt Amanda and Flimpong










So, here’s the story: Mom’s friend Missy is moving back to Canada and she needed a home for her monkey, named Flimpong, and her dog, named Bob.  Being awesome friends, mom and Aunt Amanda volunteered to care for Missy’s animals until they could find a more permanent home since our house has such an amazing yard and also because my mom loves animals.

Of course, no one alerted me regarding this decision so I was caught completely off-guard when these new animals arrived.  If I had known I would have at least put on a shirt or something.  Anyway, first I met Bob, who is your regular-old Tanzanian dog.

Hey there Bob, My name is Tito

Next it was time to meet Flimpong, the monkey.  More specifically, Flimpong is a Vervet Monkey, which I discovered after doing some research about my new housemate.  Flimpong is also a boy, like me, but he is two years old, which makes him older than me, although if you take life-expectancy into account, I believe I’m definitely more mature than this Flimpong character.

Family Meeting

I haven’t had much experience with monkeys before, so I wasn’t quite sure how to behave.  I mean, I’ve always been very well-liked by other dogs and kitties too, but monkeys are a whole new story.  So, I just treated Flimpong like a dog, but I’m not sure this sat well with him.  Apparently, monkeys like to slap other animals (and people too) so Flimpong ran around trying to slap me and also poor Twiga, who had no idea what to make of this whole situation.  Needless to say, Twiga was not impressed.

Twiga is NOT a fan

So here’s what I’ve learned: monkeys CAN be fun, but they are also terrible in new social situations.  I mean, who slaps a cute kitty like Twiga?  But, Flimpong is capable of playing like a dog.  For example, Bob, Flimpong, and I played a game of tag for at least 30 minutes, which was excellent exercise for me (God knows I need it)!

TAG! I’m it

Flim (I’ll call him that for short) likes to climb, as you can imagine monkeys do, but he also has to be connected to a rope so he doesn’t run away.  This results in a lot of interesting situations where Flim just gets all tied up in knots.  Now, at first I thought that monkeys would be smart, like humans and that Flim could simply untangle himself, but no!  He definitely needs assistance.

The second day he was here, Flim climbed all the way to the top of a tree in our yard and got himself stuck up there.  Aunt Amanda tried and tried to figure out how to get him down, but she just couldn’t do it.  So, we had to call in the Maasai for help.  The Maasai are warriors and they kill lions and such, so they’re really quite fearless and this was showcased when our Maasai came to the rescue of poor Flim.  The Maasai climbed a rickety ladder and then jumped onto some tiny, flimsy branches in order to free Flim from his tangled mess!

Agatha and the Maasai saving Flim

While Flim doesn’t quite have the intelligence of a human, he certainly does show some of their strange characteristics from time to time.  For example, he sits like a human man watching football and also likes to eat banana bread!

Banana bread time

Flim’s man pose
















So, there you have it.  I’m even more Tanzanian than I was last week just by virtue of obtaining a pet monkey.  I mean how many of my American canine friends can say the same, right?


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