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Konyagi Prom

This past Saturday was kind of a big deal here in Mwanza and was also a rite of passage for me.  Mom, Aunt Amanda, Jill, and Al hosted the Konyagi Prom at my house so it was my very first Prom.  I chose mom as my date, which I know may be a bit nerdy, but she’s my favorite woman after all.

My tie matched mom’s dress

But, I’m getting ahead of myself in the story of my first Prom.  Jill and Al are married and they’re staying with me, mom, and Aunt Amanda for a few weeks.  Even though Jill and Al are married, Al still had to formally ask Jill to the Prom and he used BlackCat to do this, with my supervision of course (Cats can’t be fully trusted to complete tasks like these on their own).

Alan wrote Jill a poem and attached it to BlackCat with a ribbon.  After careful consideration, Jill accepted Al’s invitation and they became official Konyagi Prom dates!

Jill accepts!

BlackCat delivers the invitation











My women (Jill, mom, and Aunt Amanda) went all out preparing their dresses, hair, and makeup, while Al was in charge of decorations.  I must say, they did an AMAZING job.  Mom even made sure that I was dressed for the occasion in a tuxedo and turquoise tie.

Matching my momma, would you expect anything less?

My fancy schmancy outfit

















We set up a nice balloon arch at the entrance to our house, which is apparently what happens at Proms in America (mom really should have prepped me a little more for this American cultural tradition since I am American after all and this is the first I’ve ever heard of anything called a Prom!)  Everyone posed by the balloon arch for photos as they arrived so that we could remember the night forever.  The hosts (me, mom, Aunt Amanda, Jill, and Al) all got our photos taken here as well.  Aren’t we a good looking bunch?

Family portrait!

Konyagi Prom hosts!



















Over the course of the night, I had the chance to meet tons of new friends and also carry on flirtations with several pretty ladies as well.  Miss Miranda was one of my new friends, but then Miss Megan starting flirting with me…

The flirtation between me and Miss Megan begins

My new friend Miss Miranda

















And then there was the dancing!  Wow!  My ladies sure can move it on the dance floor and I didn’t hesitate to join them!  They played all my favorites: “Call Me Maybe”, “Party in the USA”, “We Found Love”, and more!  I was super excited when my crush, Miss Megan, asked me to dance with her (I’m blushing).

Dancing with my new crush, Miss Megan

Kicking up a storm with the ladies



















And then there was “Gangnam Style”.  Oh god.  Apparently this song is big in the US right now, and maybe everywhere else too, except for Tanzania (We always get everything about 5 years too late here).  Mom, Aunt Amanda, and Megan, for some reason, felt the need to show everyone at the Prom the ridiculous dance that goes along with this song.  If you’re not familiar, here’s a link to the video (be prepared to be amused, also if you haven’t yet seen this and you live outside of Africa, you must be living in a hole):

I don’t normally get embarrassed for mom, but honestly, did she HAVE to do this ridiculous dance with Aunt Amanda and my new crush Miss Megan?

Seriously mom, please stop

All that dancing and flirting made me tired.  I haven’t been working out as much lately and my stamina is not what it used to be, so I decided to take a bit of a nap during the party…

Excuse me for a moment while I rest my eyelids

…And next thing I knew, it was 1:30am and everyone was leaving and the house was a disaster-zone.  But that’s a sign of a successful party, right?

The next day, I was still pretty tired, but I had to do my lap around the house to survey the party damage.  Overall, it wasn’t too bad, just some forgotten beer and Konyagi punch.  Also, thank god for Agatha!

Well, that’s just an unfortunate waste of beer

Mom calls this, “Nursing a Hangover”


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Celebrating Me and Miss Courtney

My mom’s been under the weather, and being the awesome dog-child that I am, I’ve been taking care of her and haven’t had time to update my blog, and for that I profusely apologize!  Anyhow, mom’s better and I’m back!

This weekend, we had a party to celebrate my 10-month birthday and also to welcome Miss Courtney to Mwanza.  Miss Courtney is Aunt Amanda’s little sister and she’ll be staying with us for several weeks.  It’s only been 2 weeks, and I’m already smitten.

Me and Miss Courtney hanging out before the party, LOVE HER!!

For the party, Aunt Amanda decided to make a special drink, like they do on shows such as Jersey Shore.  Because this was a party in my honor, Aunt Amanda decided to call her new drink “Tito Juice”.  The drink consisted of locally-sourced Tanzanian products all whipped up in a blender.  If you want to make your own Tito Juice at home, you’ll need: a watermelon, a pineapple, lime juice, Konyagi, and a blender.  After the juice was made, I got to taste it and boy was it yummy!  I’m proud to have my very own cocktail named after me.

Enjoying some Tito Juice

And did I mention, mom got me a very special outfit for the occasion, a tuxedo!  I was probably the best-dressed mammal at the party.  Because I was so fancy, mom decided we should have a special dance together with our fancy outfits on.

Watch us get our groove on

Our party got pretty big as the night wore on, and also because it’s summer here in Mwanza.  During the summer, the mzungu population explodes because students are on break and come here to do internships or research.  I met one especially fun boy named Jason at the party Saturday night.  He brought sunglasses and let me wear them so I could look super cool.

Super Fly with Jason

Our party got crazier and crazier as mom and her friends played their strange games with beer.  Luckily, our Maasai guards were on hand in case people got too rowdy.

Our Maasai have our backs

Overall, it was another successful Mwanza party thrown by Aunt Amanda and mom.  And lucky me and Miss Courtney got to be their guests of honor!  Won’t you come join us next time??

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