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A Special Day in the Village

On Saturday, before the epic party at our house, mom, Marcel, and I took a traditional canoe to a Sukuma fishing village about 2 hours outside of Mwanza.

The canoe

We had an awesome guide named Robert who told us that the Sukuma are a tribe in Tanzania.  The name means, “people of the North” and the Sukuma are the largest tribe in Tanzania.  Because the Sukuma live in the northern part of Tanzania on Lake Victoria, their livelihoods are often based around fishing.

Me and Robert in the village

When we arrived on the shore of the village, there were a bunch of goats, cows, and humans to meet us.  Cows are quickly becoming one of my favorite animals and goats are OK too.  The thing about goats is that they are a really good size for me, but they never want to play.  It’s actually a little the same with the humans, all I want to do is have fun, but everyone is afraid of me.  Because of my ‘Mpende Mbwa‘ mission, I decided that it would be different in this village, I was going to MAKE people like me!

Meeting the village goats

My mom walked me down the ‘main street’ of the town and we gathered quite a following.  Most of the children formed a group around us and followed everywhere we went.  Robert said it was because they’d never seen such a beautiful dog like me.  He said that my ‘skin’ was so smooth, even more so than some of the skin of the people in the village!  He also asked how my mom was able to keep me looking so beautiful.  My mom answered exactly how I would have, if I could speak English.  She said, “I bathe him, and feed him good food and water, and de-worm him and give him medicine to keep the insects off.  But most of all, I love him!”  My mom is awesome 🙂

After some time walking around the village, a tiny boy took my leash from mom’s hand and decided to walk me.  I was impressed at his leash skills, especially since I’m sure he had never tried it before.  I attempted to be gentle with him, but at one point I saw a bird, and you know how I love birds, so I took off running.  The poor little boy tried to keep up, but in the end I was too fast and he went flying through the air and rolled on the ground.  But he was a trooper, he just got right back up and laughed it off!

Me and my little walker

By the end of our time in the village, Robert said all the little kids wanted to keep me and also that they would all be talking about me in school on Monday.  I like that I’m a minor celebrity here in Tanzania!

On our way home, mom decided that I should practice my swimming skills.  Little did she know, I would be practicing my diving skills as well, just to make her proud.

Swimming to shore

Diving in!










If you want to see live action of me in the fishing village, click this link:  Mom says she uploaded a video of me onto youtube!

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