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Reason #4 I’m becoming Tanzanian

I don’t go outside when it rains.

Nope, not gonna do it

Nope, not gonna do it

There, I said it.  I know I’m a dog and we’re supposed to enjoy frolicking outside no matter what, but I’ve got standards, and being wet and cold does not fall into those standards.  Yeah, so what if I’m supposed to poop outside.  You know what?  Why don’t you try pooping outside in the pouring rain and then tell me about it.  And even if you did do that, it still wouldn’t change my mind.  I simply won’t go outside when it’s raining, and neither do any Tanzanians.

I know I shouldn’t complain, especially since a month ago I was in the frigid arctic, but I hate rain in Africa.  It’s sort of the rainy season here in Mwanza, but what that means, I’m not exactly sure.  It hasn’t really rained since we arrived over 2 weeks ago, but last night and this morning made up for it all.

I was awoken out of a deep sleep by a frighteningly loud noise (especially since I was deep under the covers in mom’s bed).  It seemed that the sky opened up and dumped all the water in the whole world on us for the next 8 hours.  It was so loud I couldn’t even sleep, and I can sleep through anything!  There were also bright flashes of light, mom calls this lightning, which made me even more scared (which really isn’t saying much because I’m literally scared of everything).



So the rain fell and it fell.  And when the rain comes for that long it makes a big mess here in Mwanza.  You see, our roads are mostly dirt and so they get puddles and holes and sometimes even become rivers themselves.  Sometimes it’s so bad that it’s just not possible to get anywhere because everywhere you look is gushing water.

Roads become rivers

Roads become rivers


Normally this is a road...

Normally this is a road…

They have giant gutters on the side of the paved roads to try to help the rain/road situation (in fact, that’s how mom sprained her ankle on her birthday, by falling into one of the giant gutters).  But where we live, there’s no paved road and no gutter and so the rain just flows freely.

These gutters get totally full when it rains

These gutters get totally full when it rains

So here’s what happened this morning, we got up like usual and I was excited to go out and do my business, but the minute mom opened the door, my plans flew out the window and I ran straight back to bed.  Like I said, I DON’T poop in the rain.

Go out there? You crazy!

Go out there? You crazy!

Then mom, like she thinks I’m stupid or something, calls me in her best singsong voice.  But I’m no dummy, I know a trick when I hear one.  So I stayed put there on mom’s bed and didn’t come like the good dog that I am.  But darn it, my mom is persistent.  She came and picked me up and tried to make me go outside, but I struggled and cried and in the end I won (like ALWAYS).  

Nope, still don't want to go out there

Nope, still don’t want to go out there

Get it through your head mom, I DON’T POOP IN THE RAIN.  Look, even Twiga has something to say about it:

Brothers united, We're Not Going Outside!

Brothers united, We’re Not Going Outside!

Oh and in case you forgot, I’m Tanzanian now, and I don’t go out in the rain.

End. Of. Story.

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Happy Halloween!

Mom tells me that yesterday was Halloween, which I suppose explains why she dressed me up in ridiculous clothes and paraded me around the house while she took pictures and Jill and Aunt Amanda laughed at me.  I VERY vaguely remember that around this time last year mom did something similar, but I was literally only 10 weeks old, so I could be wrong.  Anyway, first mom put my Cornell hoodie on me and told me I was dressed as a Cornell Undergraduate Student for Halloween.

I’m a Cornell Undergrad!

Then mom thought I’d actually go outside in the rain since I had some covering on, but NO WAY!  Rain sucks and I am NEVER going to change my mind.  I’ll poop inside if I have to.

I’m much too delicate for rain

My next “costume” was a Lifedog, which consisted of my lifeguarding tank top and jean shorts.  I most definitely hated this costume more than the first.  I think I looked downright ridiculous, but mom and her friends sure got a kick out of it.  Especially that dumb tail-hole in my jean shorts.  I’m horrified.

This is what happens when there’s no boy humans in the house













So, from a humiliated doxie pin to you, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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