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An Olympic Goodbye

It’s happening again: more people are leaving Mwanza and I’m NOT happy about it.  This time it’s my Miss Courtney, Jason, Ethan, and Amber, to name a few.  In just a few short weeks (although not too short for me since I’m a dog and 6 weeks in my life is like a year and a half in your life) I’ve come to really love all these people.

Miss Courtney has been living with us for 6 weeks now and the house will seem so empty with her gone.  She’s kept me company while mom’s at work and has been helping out at Kuleana Street Children Centre too.  I’m sure all the kids there will miss her almost as much as I do, I mean, look at all the fun they’re having:

Courtney and the kids at Kuleana

Ethan has been keeping mom and Aunt Amanda occupied with all his awesome movies and has also been keeping them in shape with his Insanity work-outs, so here’s hoping they don’t get bored and fat in his absence!  Ethan and Amber are students at Cornell University (the same as mom and Aunt Amanda) and they were here to work at Bugando Medical Center, which is one of the biggest hospitals in Tanzania.  Here they are going into work in the morning:

Amber and Ethan heading into Bugando Medical Center

Lastly, there’s Jason.  He and I have been friends since Day 1.  For some unknown reason, we just clicked from the beginning and now we are best buddies.  Jason works at NIMR like mom and Aunt Amanda, but he’s more of a computer guy.  Look how much fun I’ve had with him and Miss Courtney:

Getting a little lovin’ from Courtney and Jason

So, of course, we did what we always do when people we love leave: we had an epic going away party!  This time we decided to have a party in the spirit of the Olympics since the Opening Ceremony is just a few days away.  I’ve never heard of these “Olympics”, but mom tells me that people from all over the world get together to play games and the winners get treats.  Sounds like my kind of event!

No party is complete without decorations, so Aunt Amanda and Miss Courtney made flags to represent all of our friends while I stood by to supervise.

Party Decoration Time!

We thought it would be fun to form teams, like they do at the real Olympics, so mom and I represented Denmark (mom’s Danish after all, which makes me Danish by default even though my breed lineage is German.  Lucky me, I got to wear my big sister Greta’s old Denmark shirt that she outgrew long ago, it’s pretty special since my big sister Greta was named after the Queen of Denmark!) and Miss Courtney and Aunt Amanda represented Rwanda because they’re both traveling there this week.    Coincidentally, Rwanda is mom’s favorite country in Africa, I hope I get to go there someday!

Team Rwanda and Team Denmark

To get the party started I decided to play DJ and put on some fabulous dancing tunes, such as Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe“, which happens to be one of Ethan’s (and mom’s) favorite songs right now:

Spinning some tracks

And of course, no going away party would be complete without having a good cuddle with the people who are leaving me.  I love you guys!


Courtney Cuddle Time

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Goodbye Hintons

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s leaving season in Mwanza and the next group to follow Mr. Marcel was the Hinton family.  I first met John Hinton at the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) when I was there to eat lunch with my mom.  NIMR is where my mom works every day and they also have a canteen there, which is how we all got to know John.  The first thing he said when he saw me was that he would like to take my leash, which was connected to my red halter, and whip me around in a circle for fun.  That sounded cool to me, but mom vetoed this idea and John may have been kidding anyway!

John worked at a place called Bridge 2 Aid.  This organization helps people in Tanzania who don’t have access to dental care.  Specifically, John worked in the community helping to organize income generating activities like sewing.  I think this is a great idea and would love to buy some custom-made couture dog clothes in Tanzania!  Here’s a photo of John playing guitar at his going-away party:

John Hinton, playing guitar

I met John’s son Jimi in Mombasa when I went to support the Mwanza Tossers frisbee team while they played in a tournament.  Jimi worked at a place called Forever Angels Baby Home.  Forever Angels is a home for orphaned and abandoned babies.  It’s so great that these little cuties get so much loving and care at Forever Angels!  Here’s a photo of Jimi, and his awesome mohawk, at the frisbee tournament in Mombasa:

Jimi’s awesome mohawk

Of course John and Jimi couldn’t leave Mwanza without a big party for all of their friends and I was lucky enough to be personally invited to the Hintons’ going-away party.  I think John likes me 😉

So many people showed up to say goodbye to the Hintons

I wore my special Maasai scarf, styled fashionably by mom for the occasion:

I think I’m looking pretty fiiiiiine

There was lots of yummy food and great entertainment at the party.  First, John and Jimi and their band, The Mosquitoes, played some songs for us.

John on guitar and Jimi on drums

Watching The Mosquitoes play












After the music, John decided to unveil his new magic trick.  This was all so exciting for me since I’ve never seen a live band or a magician!  The magic trick involved an imaginary deck of cards, which I didn’t really understand, but the crowd seemed wowed by it and so I was impressed too.

John performing his magic trick with Austin

Watching the magic trick with Aunt Amanda












The whole party was so much fun that it made me even more sad that the Hintons were leaving, but I guess that’s just how things work here in Mwanza.  Mom and I are here for another full year, so I’m just going to have to get used to saying goodbye 😦

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