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Guest Blog: Twiga

Hey all, Twiga here.  That’s right, it’s me, the new cat.  I’ve decided to make the dog let me tell my side of the story, but I don’t know how to use one of these fancy computer machines, so I’m dictating and he’s typing, but trust me, these are MY words.

It’s me, Twiga

Where to begin?  Like many African dogs and cats, I found myself homeless, sick, and hungry.  I wandered around Mwanza searching for a place to make my permanent residence, but the streets here can be harsh for a cat like me.  Eventually, I made my way to Isamilo, where many mzungus live.  I figured mzungus were my best bet for survival since they tend to be more sympathetic to the plight of animals than Tanzanians.

I spent about a week investigating my options in Isamilo.  I researched the trash outside the homes, and watched who went in and out trying to determine which house was most likely to take me in and care for me.

Wednesday was the big day.  I had chosen the pretty pink house with 2 yellow-haired mzungu girls.  During the afternoon, while everyone was away I climbed in through the gutter from the trash alley behind the house.

The back alley from whence I came

The gutter: entrance to my new home












Once inside, all I had to do was wait.  What I hadn’t factored into the equation was this:


But when you’ve arrived at this paradise, any obstacle can be overcome:

The paradise I wandered into, NEVER LEAVING

Turns out, the dog actually alerted the humans to my presence and as I suspected they fell for my cuteness and I was immediately brought inside for some food and a cleaning.  I’m not a fan of getting wet, but I knew there were certain discomforts I’d have to withstand in order to be accepted into the household.

I honestly can’t believe my good luck.  I never expected my plan to go as well as it has.  I mean, these people, they gave me my own room, with a nice bed in it.

My bed

My very own room










They also make me homemade meals every day and give me all the food I could ever want.  It’s like they actually CARE about nutrition!  They make me a mixture of rice, milk, carrots, and little fish.  I won’t be skinny and sick for long on this new diet.  They even give me water from a special container so I don’t have to drink water from a puddle or from the faucet.  These people, they think of everything!

My water comes from here

Every time is meal time now!












Now, about that dog.  He’s actually not so bad.  And I know the humans like me more because I get along with the dog.  He’s not the brightest animal I’ve ever met, but darn it, he’s loyal and protects his family, which is more than I can say for any dog I’ve ever met before in my life.  So, to all you cats and dogs who said I’d never make, LOOK AT ME NOW!

My watchdog

Me and my new bro




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Celebrating Me and Miss Courtney

My mom’s been under the weather, and being the awesome dog-child that I am, I’ve been taking care of her and haven’t had time to update my blog, and for that I profusely apologize!  Anyhow, mom’s better and I’m back!

This weekend, we had a party to celebrate my 10-month birthday and also to welcome Miss Courtney to Mwanza.  Miss Courtney is Aunt Amanda’s little sister and she’ll be staying with us for several weeks.  It’s only been 2 weeks, and I’m already smitten.

Me and Miss Courtney hanging out before the party, LOVE HER!!

For the party, Aunt Amanda decided to make a special drink, like they do on shows such as Jersey Shore.  Because this was a party in my honor, Aunt Amanda decided to call her new drink “Tito Juice”.  The drink consisted of locally-sourced Tanzanian products all whipped up in a blender.  If you want to make your own Tito Juice at home, you’ll need: a watermelon, a pineapple, lime juice, Konyagi, and a blender.  After the juice was made, I got to taste it and boy was it yummy!  I’m proud to have my very own cocktail named after me.

Enjoying some Tito Juice

And did I mention, mom got me a very special outfit for the occasion, a tuxedo!  I was probably the best-dressed mammal at the party.  Because I was so fancy, mom decided we should have a special dance together with our fancy outfits on.

Watch us get our groove on

Our party got pretty big as the night wore on, and also because it’s summer here in Mwanza.  During the summer, the mzungu population explodes because students are on break and come here to do internships or research.  I met one especially fun boy named Jason at the party Saturday night.  He brought sunglasses and let me wear them so I could look super cool.

Super Fly with Jason

Our party got crazier and crazier as mom and her friends played their strange games with beer.  Luckily, our Maasai guards were on hand in case people got too rowdy.

Our Maasai have our backs

Overall, it was another successful Mwanza party thrown by Aunt Amanda and mom.  And lucky me and Miss Courtney got to be their guests of honor!  Won’t you come join us next time??

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