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Taking a Walk, Tanzania-Style

There’s not many things I like more than a good walk, especially here in Tanzania where I get to see so many interesting things while I’m outside.

Let's go!

Usually mom and I go for a walk around our neighborhood (called Isamilo) around 5 in the afternoon, just before it starts to get dark.  Today, I said hello to our Masai and he took a photo of me and mom before we left for our walk.

Hi Masai!

Me and mom, ready to go!

Once out of our gate (you HAVE to have a gate around your whole house in Tanzania just to be safe) we turn right and walk down the dirt road.  Then we get onto an even smaller dirt path and continue on to climb up some stairs over a stream.  I usually like to pee on things as we go so that everyone knows I was there.  Today, there was a man next to the stream, I barked at him because I didn’t know him and then I peed on a tree just to show him who was boss.

I'll show that guy who is boss!

When we get to a fork in the road, we turn right again and walk past Isamilo International School.  I usually see a lot of kids there and they yell at me and laugh and make weird barking noises too.  They need to grow up!  I’m just a small dog, JEEZ!

Once we’re past the school, again we turn right onto another  long dirt road.

Checking out the view in Isamilo

There’s a special spot on this road where there’s usually a lot of lizards and I love watching them and chasing them since we don’t have anything like them in Ithaca, where I grew up.  Today, we saw a whole bunch of different types of lizards hanging out together at their normal spot, EXCITING!

Me and mom looking at the lizard

After we got home, I made mom look up this cool, colorful lizard and she says it’s called a Rainbow Agama lizard.

The Rainbow Agama lizard I saw on my walk

Once we get to the end of the long dirt road, we pass a place called Corner Bar, which is basically just a shack on the corner where people gather to eat mishkaki and drink beer or soda.  Then we walk down a busier road where there are women selling fruits and vegetables.  It’s here that I get a lot of cat-calls (or maybe I should call them dog-calls).  Today, a group of children giggled at me, then a man walked past and said “mbwa?” and a pair of middle-aged ladies just stared and laughed outright.

At this point, I’m getting excited to get back inside where people aren’t always laughing and pointing, and then…I SEE MY HOUSE!

Almost home!

This is when mom finally lets go of my leash and I can run as fast as I want.  I always go straight to my gate like a good boy (usually stopping to pee on a plant just so that everyone knows that this is MY house!)

This is MY house

See, walking is super awesome, and I’m quite the spectacle for others too.

Super happy about my walk 🙂

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