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The Pool: This is How We Do in Tanzania

Everyone knows it’s hot in Africa and so sometimes us dogs need a nice way to cool down in the heat.  Back in America my big sister Greta has a pool that she uses in the summer to cool down when she gets too hot.

Greta in her girly pink pool

Greta and my late Aunt Tobi in their pool

















Unfortunately, in Tanzania, we don’t have the luxury of going to a store to buy a dog pool, so we take matters into our own hands.  Mr. Marcel and Damien came up with the brilliant idea of digging a pit in the driveway and filling it with water to create a pool.  Now, Farley loves the pool because he’s still too young to care about his appearance, however I’m a bit more discerning.  So, while this pool is a cool idea and I’ll occasionally indulge, mostly I like to lounge poolside and watch Farley enjoy the water because in actuality this pool has become mud pit!

Me and Farley at our African pool

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