My Mom Went to Dubai And…

she got me some Emirati dog food!

Dubai Dog Food!

Dubai Dog Food!


Mom said she almost got me diet dog food (gasp), but decided to get me the small breed kind instead and said that I’ll go on a diet when I get back to America, RUDE!  Personally, I think she got this kind for me because it promises to give me “firm stool quality” and we all know how much my mom loves a good, firm poop!

Yup, this'll do

Yup, this’ll do


Also, I think I could make a lot of money performing tricks on the Burj Khalifa (which, by the way, always makes me think of Wiz Khalifa, being the gangsta dogg that I am).  What do you think?

Working hard for my money

Working hard for my money


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3 thoughts on “My Mom Went to Dubai And…

  1. Tito, What a coincidence!! I just switched both NoSe’ and Hickory to Pedigree Healthy Weight dog food—after I called the company to make sure it was produced in the USA. Grandpa and I don’t eat food made in China and I wouldn’t feed it to our boys either. NoSe’ needs to lose some weight so the leg he injured won’t have to carry so much. It wouldn’t hurt 80 # Hick to lose some weight either. 🙂 He makes my legs numb when he lays on my lap. Enjoy your food!! Gram

  2. Mary Sutterby

    Tito you are so cool you could pull it off !

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