Twiga Turns Two

Mwanza is making me a bad brother.  First, mom ships Twiga off to America without letting us have a proper goodbye and then the Internet decides not to work for 3 days so I can’t even wish my big Bro a Happy Birthday.  Bad Mwanza, bad.

Twiga celebrating his birthday in America

Twiga celebrating his birthday in America

You might wonder how we know when Twiga’s birthday is, if he was born in the dirty streets of Mwanza.  Well, like lots of Tanzanians, we just made his birthday up!  Twiga’s passport officially says that he was born March 21, 2011.  I suppose I now have some sympathy for those Chinese gymnasts in the 2008 Olympics, because when you’re from a developing country, it’s hard to figure out when you were born!

Anyhow, we’ve got our Internet back for now, so I’ll share some of the photos with you that Twiga sent me from his birthday.  I feel terrible that I couldn’t be with him since he celebrated my first birthday with me last year, but mom says not to worry because there will be plenty more to celebrate in the future.  Humph, but the future is so far away.

Here’s Twiga with some new birthday toys (I’m sure he was impressed that America has toys just for cats!):

Another birthday toy

Another birthday toy

Servant Colin got Twiga some toys

Servant Colin got Twiga some toys


















Twiga also got to spend plenty of his birthday napping:

All tucked in

All tucked in

Tuckered out after playing with his new toys

Tuckered out after playing with his new toys
















Twiga tells me that one of his favorite activities is playing pranks on Servant Colin, like hiding under the table and turning the Internet off every now and then.  He says having intermittent Internet makes him feel closer to home.

Playing "Turn of the Internet"

Playing “Turn of the Internet”

And just before he went to bed on his 2nd Birthday (which was actually his first ever birthday celebration AND his first birthday in America), he e-mailed me to say he missed me and that I should hurry up and get there.  I’m on it, Tweegs!

Twiga, surfing the Net

Twiga, surfing the Net


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4 thoughts on “Twiga Turns Two

  1. Aw happy birthday 🙂

  2. Mary Sutterby

    Happy Birthday Twiga !

  3. gram

    Happy Birthday Twiga! Looks like you’re doing fine in the USA! Advice to Tito–Stop calling Colin servant!! He’s being a really GOOD FRIEND!!! Not many men would agree to travel halfway around the world with a cat!!!!!!

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