The Mama-Q

So what the heck’s a Mama-Q, you ask?  It’s a Tanzanian BBQ with only girls (I was the token boy, but I’m actually more of eunuch so I didn’t ruin the “Mama” vibe).

Mom’s got some awesome new Canadian friends and I’ll admit I’m crushing hard!  Look at this group of girls, they’re pretty great, no?

That's a fun looking group of Canadian girls (plus mom)

That’s a fun looking group of Canadian girls (plus mom)

The Canadian girls decided that they would test out their barbecue and invite a gaggle of women to enjoy the feast.  Mom made a giant salad, while Kate, Susan, and Shannon made burgers and hot dogs, along with plenty of freely flowing Shantinis!

We started off the afternoon with some cocktails and I even got to sit right at the table with the girls.  I wore my best BBQ tank top after all!

Mom and I enjoying our drinks

Mom and I enjoying our drinks

Later, I had to help mom and Kate start the barbecue since these are manly things.  Here I am supervising the cooking of the meat.  What would they do without me?

I love me some meat

I love me some meat

And finally it was time to eat.  Of course, being the token man, I feel I did the bulk of the work, therefore I deserve the bulk of the meat, right??  Apparently, women don’t use this same logic so I had to rely on my charming looks in order to procure a tasty morsel of meat.

Gimme, gimme!

Gimme, gimme!

And you know what?  That meat was yummy!  Bravo Kate!  I approve.  Please invite me to your next Mama-Q, I promise, you won’t regret it!

Yummy in my tummy

Yummy in my tummy


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4 thoughts on “The Mama-Q

  1. Aunt Amanda

    This looks awesome and I love the pictures!!

  2. Mary Sutterby

    Tito, I have to say, you are doing ok for a little dog. Love your Mama Q shirt. That pleading look at the table would work on me too. Keep it up !

  3. gram

    Looks like fun Tito. Be careful though, in my experience Canadians REALLY know how to PARTY!!
    At least the bunch we boat raced with years ago did. Much FUN! Great people!

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