Mwanza Mugging

A week ago, as mom was walking to work, she was jumped by a man with a knife who pushed her to the ground and then stole her bag which contained a laptop, her iPhone, her camera, her wallet, and her house keys.  Mom and I had always presumed Isamilo to be safe during the day, however I guess we were wrong.  The man was hiding behind the wall in the ditch where mom walks several times a day to and from work.  Poor mom, she was so scared and could only watch the man run away with all her things.  If I were with her this NEVER would have happened!

This is where mom was robbed at knife-point

This is where mom was robbed at knife-point

Mom was very shaken by this incident and I did my best to lick away her tears and comfort her when she finally got home from dealing with the police (who did nothing to help the situation, by the way).

So listen up thieves and other criminals of Mwanza, I have teeth and I’m not afraid to use them.  If you hurt my mom, I will hurt you back, and that is a promise!

See these teeth?  I WILL bite you.

See these teeth? I WILL bite you.

Also, we’ve beefed up security, Tanzanian-style, around the house by changing the locks, adding frosted plastic to the gate so you can’t see through, and putting tons of nails on the wall so no one can sit there.  We are SERIOUS about safety because getting robbed is no fun.

Beefed-up security

Beefed-up security

And if you live in Mwanza and happen to see a black HP laptop, an iPhone 4 with a ton of photos of mom and American music, or a red Olympus camera for sale, let me know so we can go reclaim our things!

Be safe out there!

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2 thoughts on “Mwanza Mugging

  1. pole..not fun at all. Hope u still can feel safe around here.

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