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My Commissioned Portrait

A sprained ankle is not the only thing that mom got for her birthday.  No, there was actually a MUCH MORE exciting gift from Aunt Amanda.  It was….wait for it….


Tito Pedersen, 2011-

Now, I’ve never been to a museum because I’m a dog, but I’ve always figured that that’s where you’d find portraits of people like royalty and presidents and whatnot.  I never thought I’d be worthy of a portrait, but Aunt Amanda outdid herself and honored me with her fantastic gift.  After unwrapping her glorious gift, mom let me check it out to make sure that I approved of my likeness.

Checking myself out

And you know what?  I think it is a surprisingly well-done portrait.  Look at how much it resembles me:

An accurate representation of me, no?

I also love that I didn’t actually have to sit for my portrait.  Now, I’m pretty darn good at the sit command, but honestly what kind of dog can sit for hours while someone paints him.  Not this guy!  Nope, lucky for me Aunt Amanda showed the artist a photo and then the artist added his own flair by putting Kilimanjaro in the background so that we’ll always remember our time in Tanzania.  (Side note, Aunt Amanda just climbed Kilimanjaro so it’s even more fitting!)

I think I’ll ask mom to hang my portrait next to the professional photo of her with her first dog, Greta, when we get home.  It’ll look something like this:

Greta’s portrait

My portrait

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