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Bark Obama

Today is election day in America.  I don’t know how much this day really means in the life of a dog, but it means a whole lot to all the people in America and also to billions of people around the world.  If dogs could vote, then this would be my choice:


Now my choice is not so frivolous as might appear.  Yes, his name sounds like my language and is easy for a dog to say, but Mitt sounds like Mutt and I’m basically a designer Mutt, which is totally what Mitt represents, so you see, my choice is more than just a name.

While we’re on the subject of names, I’ll just share this photo with you and then get on to the serious stuff:

Kitt Romney and Bark Obama

So why would I REALLY vote for Obama?  Well, he has roots in Africa for starters.  Obama’s dad was from Kenya, which borders Tanzania, my adopted country.  I figure that a guy who’s half African must care a little more about what my mom and I are doing over here than some rich white guy.

So, when you go to vote today, vote for the children, vote for food for all, and vote for education!  Trust me, people all over the world will thank you!

These kids will thank you too!

These kids will thank you!


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