Mom is making me learn how to share and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Twiga wants what I have

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4 thoughts on “Sharing?

  1. gramn

    That’s life Tito! You are a big boy now so take care of and share with Twiga. Hickory and I can’t wait to see you at Christmas. Hickory needs someone to play with besides grumpy old NoSe’. Greta has been here a lot this summer and she and Hick have fun.You can make it a trio soon. Love, Gram

    • I can’t wait to play with Hickory and Greta again. But I must say, I’m a bit afraid of the snow after being in Africa for so long!

  2. Mary Sutterby

    Share the love Tito, you are lucky to have such a nice cuddly playmate.

  3. Aww….we’re going through the same thing at home but with a toddler and her furry sister! Sharing is caring!

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