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Give Me Dog

Today, while out for our afternoon run, no less than five, FIVE, people yelled at mom, “Give Me Dog” or variations on that theme.  For the entire loop we were serenaded by, “Nipe mbwa” “Give me mbwa” or “Give me doggie”.  Come on people, if you want something, at least say please!  If one of those people even tried to touch me or mom, you know I would have bitten their dumb hand off!

I mean really, what was this guy:

Tanzanian guy

or this guy:


Other Tanzanian guy

gonna do with me?  You better believe he wouldn’t let me sleep on one of those mattresses (not that I would even want to since they’re the crappy TanFoam variety).  They’d probably make me sleep outside with all the local dogs and feed me ugali, DISGUSTING!  I’d say that most Tanzanians, except for Ellen of course, would have no clue how to take care of me.

Me and Ellen

So, I’ll be sticking with my mom, sleeping on her memory foam bed, eating my healthy and holistic American dog food, and drinking bottled water, thank you very much!

1st-world living in a 3rd-world world

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