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I’ve Got a Lump

So here it is, I’ve got a lump.  I didn’t want my mom to know since the first thing that comes up when you google lump is “cancer” and I didn’t want her freaking out.  But of course, mom pays close attention to my health and she saw it right away.

The lump is about the size of a marble, and you can move it around under the skin.  During our Olympics Party, mom’s friend Karl, who is a human doctor, felt the lump and decided it seemed like a lipoma.  Apparently this type of benign tumor is common in both humans and dogs.  My grandma also went to the vet in the US and asked the doctor there, and he said that it’s possible it could be a parasite since there’s so many weird diseases over here.  Here’s a photo of my lump for all you animal experts out there:

Here’s my lump. Apologies for the x-rated photo

Over the course of the week, mom continued to check on my lump.  Towards the middle of the week, it changed shape slightly and we thought it was getting better.  But no, a few days later it went back to the original shape and now my skin is red on the area where the lump is located.

Mom decided to consult her book, “Where There Is No Animal Doctor” to see if there were any ideas on what to do about my lump.

Our reference book

There is a section called “lumps and bumps”, but mom didn’t really want to biopsy my lump herself so we gave up on the book.

Ok, enough with this book

Finally, mom decided to call the Tanzanian Veterinarian.  He came over yesterday and determined that the lump was not screwworm, which is good because that would have been totally disgusting!  However, he also had no idea what was wrong with me.  Obviously, he decided to throw the kitchen sink at the lump (metaphorically, of course) just to be on the safe side.

So, yesterday, I got my first of many injections.  If I thought yesterday’s single injection was bad, then I had no idea what was coming today.  The vet showed up with not one, but THREE syringes and proceeded to give me a shot of antibiotics, a shot of antiparasitic, and a shot of an anti-inflammatory drug.  I was SO angry after the second shot that I up and ran away and hid.  But, alas, mom found me and dragged me back for more torture.  She even tried to trick me with a treat of peanut butter, but I’m not that stupid.

Finally it was done and I went and sulked for the remainder of the afternoon.

Still sulking…












This dumb lump better hurry up and go away or I’m going to force mom to take me back to America to figure out the problem there!

April 6, 2013

Following up on the lump saga:  I never did get a firm diagnosis, but mom is pretty sure that the Tanzanian Veterinarian was wrong and that I did actually have a screwworm.  The lump got better after the shots of anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic (also a de-wormer) and then one day, my mom pulled this out of my skin right where the lump had been:

Yup, this nasty thing came out of my lump

Yup, this nasty thing came out of my lump


Ever since, I’ve been lump-free!

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