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My mom is getting kind of fat here in Tanzania, probably because she can’t go to the gym and all they ever eat here is carbs (pasta, rice, bread…)  But, she’s finally decided that enough is enough (I’m inclined to think it’s because she can’t fit into her favorite clothes anymore).  Therefore, my mom has embarked on a new workout plan with some of her friends.  I’ve decided to join her too, partly for motivation and partly because, who doesn’t want to be in shape?

The workout started with a warm-up run.  Running in Mwanza is a bit like parkour.  There’s so many giant ditches, huge holes in the road, and tons of cars, buses, motorcycles, people, and other animals.  It’s crazy out there!

Heading out for a run on the crazy Mwanza streets













After our run, it was really time to get down to business.  Mom’s friend Ethan brought over his computer so that we could all follow along with a workout program call ‘Insanity‘.  And here I thought that the only thing computers were good for was blogging and online shopping!  Oh the things I learn as I grow up.  Anyway, Ethan started the video and we began our warm-up outside in our huge back yard.

Here we go with some kind of plank kick things.

Here’s what the video looked like

This is what we look like










Mom and Ethan continued on the ground, but I really needed some more cardio so I ran some laps around them to get my heart rate up.  I was the youngest and fittest one at the training, so I felt I had to push myself extra hard.

Running, and running

Gosh, they stayed on the ground for a while.  Mom says that these exercises are good for the core.  I guess I must have an amazingly strong core since I’m basically constantly in the plank position.

Planking with mom and Ethan

They kept going and going.  Sweat was pouring off them.  I feel lucky that I don’t sweat when I work out, I just have to stick out my tongue and breathe a lot, which is way more dignified than nasty sweat.  They worked out for so long that even the Maasai guard came and watched what they were doing.  I bet the Maasai has never seen anything like it before!

Me and the Maasai watching mom work out

Finally they were done and it was time to get a drink of water, stretch, and relax.  I’ll have to admit our group is pretty hardcore!  Bring it on, more INSANITY!

Watch out now!


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