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4th of July in Tanzania

I was born in America and my mom is American, therefore I suppose I’m American too, but what do you do when you’ve lived longer in a foreign country than your home country?  That’s my dilemma.  Technically I’m American, but I FEEL Tanzanian!  I’ve come up with a better term to describe what I am: a Tanzamerican!

I’m a Tanzamerican!

On Wednesday, Americans celebrate their independence and apparently it’s a big deal.  Since I’ve never experienced Independence Day in the US, I don’t really know what I’m missing out on, but mom tells me people have barbecues, and there’s fireworks too (I’ll just pretend I know what those are…)

Mom, Aunt Amanda, and Miss Courtney all really wanted to do something for the 4th of July so they invited some people over to have an Independence Day celebration.  Mom dressed me in “patriotic colors” for the occasion.

Here I am in red and blue

My outfit got even better when mom’s foreign friends showed up.  They really got into the spirit of Independence Day by making hats with dollar bills on them!  I tried one on, but it was too big.


I also played soccer with a Canadian and a Brit, which was super un-American, so then I went and chewed my American cow hoof next to Jason, who is American and was sporting a shirt with the American flag on it.












Then finally, I got to learn what fireworks are all about.  Mom said that these were only tiny fireworks, so maybe I’m glad that I had my first 4th of July in Tanzania, because I was already scared.  Mom showed me a photo of real fireworks and I can’t even process how scary they must be!

Our Fireworks

Our fireworks, in a pineapple!




















I’d say I had a pretty good introduction to the 4th of July even though I was in Tanzania.  Next year I’ll be ready for the real thing, IN AMERICA!!!

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