Role Reversal

And here I thought I was the trainer.  But, no!  Farley seems to be learning from my mom too.  Today as I was about to leave daycare, this is what he did:

But it gets worse, he started walking around like I was his pet or something, the horror!

And then he just decided not to let me leave.  At least he likes me, right?

I guess all of you who told me to watch out for when Farley gets bigger were right!

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3 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. lol, cute!

  2. gramn

    Told you so Tito! Grandpa has taken to rubbing some juice from his Hot pickles peppers on NoSe’s neck so Hick won’t try to pick him up that way . It works as Hick doesn’t like the taste. 🙂 WE met a friendly HUGE 170 pound English Mastiff in Clifton Springs last night. Beautiful dog–his head is bigger then you. 🙂

  3. Mary Sutterby

    Aaaw Tito, that’s so cute…puppy love ! Farley is an adorable leash handler. Enjoy the attention.

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