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The Pool: This is How We Do in Tanzania

Everyone knows it’s hot in Africa and so sometimes us dogs need a nice way to cool down in the heat.  Back in America my big sister Greta has a pool that she uses in the summer to cool down when she gets too hot.

Greta in her girly pink pool

Greta and my late Aunt Tobi in their pool

















Unfortunately, in Tanzania, we don’t have the luxury of going to a store to buy a dog pool, so we take matters into our own hands.  Mr. Marcel and Damien came up with the brilliant idea of digging a pit in the driveway and filling it with water to create a pool.  Now, Farley loves the pool because he’s still too young to care about his appearance, however I’m a bit more discerning.  So, while this pool is a cool idea and I’ll occasionally indulge, mostly I like to lounge poolside and watch Farley enjoy the water because in actuality this pool has become mud pit!

Me and Farley at our African pool

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Being a Baby in Tanzania

I never really knew about human babies before Agatha came back into my life.  About a month after mom and I arrived in Tanzania, our house girl Agatha left to have a baby and Anna took her place while she was gone.  But recently, Agatha has been back at our house and now she brings a young girl and her new baby every day.  I’m learning so much about human babies that I never knew before!

Meet Jonas!

First, human babies are totally helpless.  This baby, Jonas, he just lays around all day or is strapped onto the back of his young caregiver.  Seriously, he can’t talk or walk or feed himself!

This is how Jonas spends 90% of his day

Lucky for me, Agatha loves me so she lets me explore her baby, which I’m sure would never happen with any other Tanzanian babies, so I’m going to take every opportunity to learn about human babies!

Checking him out

This tiny baby, who I’m told is almost 3 months old, has so many interesting smells!  Agatha feeds him milk, so his breath smells of warm milk.  Also, since human babies are so helpless they don’t know how to go to the bathroom and this is obvious if you get near his bottom end!  Mom says that they don’t use disposable diapers in Tanzania, but instead they just use a cloth, wash it when it gets dirty, and then re-use it again.

Getting a whiff of ‘baby’

Apparently, the US is much different when it comes to human babies.  Most women can’t take their babies to work, so I guess Agatha is lucky because she gets to have a good job and be with her baby all day.  This means I’m also lucky because I’m no longer the youngest one in the house and I get to explore Jonas too! Also, Jonas hardly ever cries, which mom tells me is rare.  I think it’s probably because he is always strapped to someone’s back so he doesn’t ever get lonely.  I know I’d probably never cry if I was always strapped to my mom or Aunt Amanda.

I’m hoping that as Jonas gets older he’ll start to be a little more interesting and maybe even able to play with me!  For now, I’m content to play near him as he checks me out 🙂

Just a Friday in Tanzania

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Role Reversal

And here I thought I was the trainer.  But, no!  Farley seems to be learning from my mom too.  Today as I was about to leave daycare, this is what he did:

But it gets worse, he started walking around like I was his pet or something, the horror!

And then he just decided not to let me leave.  At least he likes me, right?

I guess all of you who told me to watch out for when Farley gets bigger were right!

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Binti Maringo

It’s not easy to find a proper breakfast in Mwanza, or brunch or lunch for that matter either.  However, there is one exception, Binti Maringo.  On Sundays, mom and Aunt Amanda like to have brunch at Binti Maringo Restaurant with their friends and I’m always excited to tag along and try out some new foods as well.

What’s nice about Binti’s, as we call it for short, is that it’s a nice walk from our house in Isamilo.  It’s not so close that I don’t get to run off all my energy, but it’s not so far that I’m completely tuckered out when I arrive.  On this particular morning, me, mom, and Aunt Amanda set off for Binti’s around noon.

C’mon mom, Aunt Amanda and I are ready to go!

As I said, the walk is pretty awesome, and not just because it’s the perfect distance.  I also get to see my favorite animal: COWS!!

Oh god, so excited, COWS!

Hey cow!










You know what else is pretty awesome?  Binti’s is about more than just great food, it also does good in the community.  The restaurant is located on the grounds of the Kuleana Street Children Center and helps to support street children and their families.  You can read more about the center and their activities here:

Inside Binti’s

Outside Binti’s with mom










So, back to the fantastic food!  Binti’s has awesome breakfast choices like crepes, omelets, and even a full English breakfast.  They’ve also got freshly made juices, and my mom’s personal favorite: fresh passionfruit juice!  On top of all that, Binti’s is one of the few places in Mwanza to serve proper coffee and cappuccinos, which is a big treat for mom and Aunt Amanda.

Today, mom and Aunt Amanda decide they need some vegetables, so I decide to help them choose their meals.

Perusing the menu

Aunt Amanda decides on the tuna salad, while mom and I decide we’ll share a hummus salad.  Mom thinks I need some fiber in my diet since I’ve had some digestive issues lately, and I can’t disagree with her.  So, we all sit and patiently wait for our food.

I’m learning how to be really good at waiting here in Tanzania

And we keep on waiting, which is a common thing at restaurants here in Tanzania.  I guess it’s part of their culture or something, this waiting thing, but neither mom nor I are very good at it.  Finally the food comes and it is delicious!  There’s homemade hummus, and tons of fresh cucumbers, black olives, tomatoes, and lettuce and even a freshly baked soft tortilla on the side.  Mom loves black olives so she hogs them all, but the rest we share, YUMMY!

Digging in

So, who’s up for brunch next Sunday??


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