I Met a Girl, and I Liked It

As you all know, I’m not a baby anymore, but I’m not yet an adult either, so this girl-dog stuff is new for me.  A few weeks back, something happened.  I met a girl dog named Rani who is a German Spitz.  My mom is friends with Rani’s mom, Sina, who is from Germany.

As you might imagine, I was completely lost at this first meeting since no one told me she was coming.  I didn’t even have a shirt on and the dog bowl was completely empty!

AGH! There’s a girl here!

(Mental Note: Dear Mom, Please brief me when girls are visiting!)

Soon, though, I managed to calm myself down enough to say hello to Rani.  She’s a bilingual dog (she speaks German and Bark) and she’s very pretty too.

The downside is that I have to stand on a cushion to reach her height 😦

I’m just like Tom Cruise!

I whispered and then we went for a walk away from the humans because we couldn’t handle the ooooohs and aaaahs and the “Pretty puppies” anymore.  Some space, please, so a dog can have a private moment.

Whispering to Sweet Rani

You know what? I think Rani and I might become good friends….or maybe even more 😉

Showing my new (girl)friend around


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2 thoughts on “I Met a Girl, and I Liked It

  1. Mary Sutterby

    She’s a fancy looking girl.

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