Arusha to Mombasa

Friday morning we were up early to head the rest of the way to Mombasa.  Before we left, I made sure to get some photos of myself at the hotel for my blog.  I wanted to get one of me in the window of the hotel overlooking the gardens so I had mom put me on the windowsill, but because I’m still just a puppy I got distracted by a cool bug and leaped off the ledge and into a giant bush to catch it.  OOPS!!  Anyway, mom came to my rescue and since we were only on the first floor, I was fine.  After taking some photos, we were ready to begin the second day of our journey.

Here we go again...

The first town we passed through after Arusha was Moshi.  According to mom, they have yummy coffee there, so we stopped to get some for the humans.  I met a baby human there and we got along so well, probably because we’re both young and so we can understand each other.

My new friend

Moshi is also where I had my first exposure to an animal called an elephant.  Apparently, the elephant is the largest animal on land.  I wonder, how can an animal possibly be larger than a cow?  I must see a real-life version of this thing.  For the time being I decided to take a photo with the Nakumatt elephant.

Me and the Nakumatt elephant

Just after Moshi, we crossed the border into Kenya at a town called Taveta.  At the border, mom was being weird and forcing me to stay on the floor of the car and also telling me not to make noises.  Later, she explained that she didn’t want any trouble from the border guards and so I was actually smuggled into Kenya!  EXCITING!

It's Kenya!

From the border, we drove on a bumpy dirt road through Tsavo West National Park and the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.  This was the most exciting part of the drive because there were tons of new smells for me.  I was bouncing around, from one side of the car to the other trying to take it all in.  At one point in the wildlife sanctuary I caught a fascinating smell that I’d never experienced before.  I jumped over to Mr. Marcel’s window and saw giant creatures, maybe the elephants that mom was talking about.  I just couldn’t contain my excitement and it didn’t appear that the humans were going to stop so I decided to take matters into my own paws.

I leaped out the window, ready to land on my feet and run to investigate the elephants.  But, as I was flying through the air, my body turned and all of a sudden I landed hard on my back on the dirt and rolled head over feet at least three times.  I really screwed up this time, because the car was now ahead of me and every part of my body was hurting.  I stood up, ready to run after the car, but my hind leg was killing me and I couldn’t move.  Then, thankfully, mom appeared, running towards me.  She scooped me up and took me back to the car.  There was fear in her eyes and she was checking me everywhere.  Red gooey liquid was flowing out of my scrapes and so mom bundled me up in a towel and hugged me close to her as we continued driving.

My hurt eye and fat lip

Just after my accident












More photos of my injuries:

My knee injury

My foot injury











Even more photos of my injuries:


Licking my wounds












The rest of the drive was a blur as I dozed in mom’s lap.  We stopped briefly in a town called Voi at the junction of the dirt road and the main paved road.  At the gas station, a young Kenyan girl was nice to me, despite my obvious injuries and for that, I was thankful.

Me and the sweet girl I met

We arrived in Mombasa around 8:30pm and finally I could sleep on a real bed that was not bumpy or vibrating.  I needed rest so I could be ready to explore Mombasa in the morning.

Our route from Arusha to Mombasa

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4 thoughts on “Arusha to Mombasa

  1. Mary Sutterby

    Tito, be careful !! I hope you are feeling so much better today. What an adventure you are having and try not to scare your mom with all your antics.

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