This morning mom noticed what I’ve been trying to hide from her: my raw hind paw.

My raw paw

I’ve started licking my paw a lot and I guess I did it for so long that I licked the hair right off!  Oops!  I didn’t even realize what I was doing, but I guess I’ve been a little nervous lately.  Mom finally started her study so she is gone every day and can’t even come home and see me at lunch, plus there has been thunder and lightning storms at night, both of which have put me on edge.

Mom used the internet to find out more about why I might be licking my paw.  She says that the smarter the dog, the more prone he is to licking.  So in my case, that makes perfect sense!  I’m basically a dog-shaped human so I think I react to stress just like a human would, so I’m becoming a bit OCD due to my recent nervousness.

Fortunately my mom noticed my sore paw and decided to try to treat me.  First, she put a band aid on my paw with some tape around it to hold it on.

My paw with a band aid

But mom was worried that I would try to get it off so she decided to wrap a red cloth around my foot to protect the band aid.  I REALLY didn’t like that and immediately went to work tearing it off.

Getting that dumb thing off!

In the end, I was back where I began, with no bandage on my paw, but at least now I realize I was being OCD.  And bonus: just now my mom gave me my most favorite rawhide chewing toy so that I won’t get bored and lick my paw, HOORAY!

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3 thoughts on “Paw-licious

  1. Mary Sutterby

    Tito, how about some Neosporin and a sock on the foot? Do they have Neo in Africa ? Just don’t lick THAT off.

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