What Am I?

Every time I am out with mom people are constantly staring at me.  I think they have a hard time understanding what exactly I am since little dogs don’t really exist here, especially not little, clean dogs wearing harnesses, clothes, and leashes.  Sometimes people ask what I am directly.  Other times they simply look at me and say, “Mbwa?”  I am wondering what else I might be, what do you think?

A baby goat?

Am I a goat?










A piglet?

Am I a piglet?













Or maybe they think I’m something more exotic, like a dik-dik, for example.

Am I a dik-dik?










Or a hyrax?

Am I a hyrax?










If I’ve left any of my doppelgängers out, let me know…

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6 thoughts on “What Am I?

  1. Mary Sutterby

    I think you are darling little Tito, the dog who wears clothes who is not readily recognized as such ! You meet a lot of new people this way. Enjoy !

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  3. gramn

    I’m glad you had a fun Holiday! Did mom find out what your lump is?? I pray it’s nothing bad and you are right and I hope you had a bath when you got home from your hike.

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  5. Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog Tito! I am here in Tanzania for one year with my two little dogs (chichuahua mixes from California shelters) and a greyhound. We are living in Dar es salaam. They are quickly growing tired of the same loop around the neighborhood, but that is all we can do without going on very busy roads.

    Where can we hike, go on a longer walk, the beach, an open field, anything?! It’s okay if we have to drive to get there.

    I’d love any advice you have. Many thanks,

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