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Finding Berta

Last week when I was on my way to the fishing village I had to go pee-pee really bad so mom stopped the car and walked me for a bit.  We came upon a little  homestead and mom thought it would be fun to get a photo of me with the family that lived there.  I was excited because I saw a bunch of other animals there, but mom was a bit hesitant because she didn’t want to just barge in, but a woman saw us and yelled, “Karibu!” which means ‘Welcome’ in Swahili.  We walked over and everyone was super nice to us and we took a photo with them and promised to come back and give them a copy.

Mom likes to do these kind of things with me because it’s easy to forget the daily struggles of most Tanzanians when I live in a nice house, I have American dog food from a bag, I sleep in mom’s nice bed, and I have a ton of fancy toys.  Getting out in the village is good of us because it reminds us why we’re here!

Me and Mom with Berta's Family

During the week, mom managed to get the photo printed and framed for the family.  This morning, we got up early and went to the grocery store to get some things for the family.  Mom had so much fun picking out tons of food and other things the family might need, like soap and toothpaste.  Aunt Amanda decided to come along with us as well, and so with food in hand, we were off…

Here’s a video of what the wind does to my ears when I’m in the car:  http://youtu.be/SmR_7zATMko

Once again, on the way, I had to stop and do a potty.  I got to go number two right near my favorite animals!

Walking near some cows

After our brief stop, we were on our way again.  When we arrived at the family’s house, the only person around was an old grandmother who couldn’t speak English.  We showed her the photo and asked her where the woman in the back was.  She said the woman was in Magu and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.  Soon, as usually happens when I’m with mom, a crowd of people showed up.  I guess I’m pretty interesting to Tanzanians with my short little legs and bright red halter.  I’ve actually never seen any other dogs wearing a leash here either!  Anyway, mom got into a discussion with the crowd about how to find the woman in the photo, who we learned was named Berta.  One man, who claimed to be her brother, said he could take us to her, so we piled into the car and headed for Magu.

Dowtown Magu

When we got to Magu, we asked around for Berta and showed people her photo.  Some women told us she was buying food at a shop, so again, we packed up and headed out to find her.

Aunt Amanda looking for Berta

We drove around Magu for a while asking people where she was and found out she had returned to the original place where we had asked about her in town.  We sped back so as not to miss her again.  When we arrived, mom hopped out of the car and Berta ran over to her and gave her a giant hug and had the biggest smile on her face.  I was so happy for mom!  We asked Berta to come in the car to her house so we could give her some food, and I honestly don’t think she imagined how much food we had actually brought for her.

We found her!

When we got to Berta’s house we began unloading the food: rice, powdered milk, sugar, tea, beef, eggs, bread, passion fruit juice, chocolate chip cookies, and much more!  I’m a dog, and even I could see the look of astonishment on her face.  As we left, I think I saw a little tear in her eyes and she told us to please come back and see them anytime.  What a great day for me, mom, and Aunt Amanda!

Mom, me, Berta, and Amanda. Mission Complete!

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