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Tanzania Perks

There are a lot of inconveniences to living in Tanzania, like the unpredictable power and water outages, for example, BUT there are a lot of advantages too.  One big advantage is that my mom can afford to have what’s called a ‘housegirl’.  This is extra-great for me because it means I’m not all alone when mom goes to work.  It also means that mom’s room stays clean, unlike when we’re in Ithaca and the house is generally a disaster-area.

Our housegirl’s name is Anna, but she is our temporary housegirl while our regular housegirl, Agatha, has her baby.  Anna does everything around the house, like cooking, going to the market, cleaning, doing the dishes, and doing the laundry.  She also helps us communicate with the ‘fundi‘ when there’s a problem.  For example, when mom got her new mattress (see my post on TanFoam), Aunt Amanda and mom broke the mosquito-net frame and couldn’t get the mattress to fit.

Me on mom's broken bed (notice the surrounding mess!)

Anna really doesn’t like it when there’s a mess, and my mom has not been good at picking up her clothes, so yesterday Anna organized all mom’s clothes neatly into the closet!  She also makes mom’s bed everyday, life is good here!

Here's the "after" picture of the room

I would keep blogging now, but my mom just brought out a new toy for me (it’s an alligator longer than me with 16 squeakers inside!), so I must go try it out…

Who can blog with such a cool toy?

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