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Sunset in Africa

Yesterday mom and I went hiking on the rocks in Mwanza overlooking Lake Victoria.  The best time to go hiking is sunset because when you get to the top the view is surreal.

Mom and I overlooking Lake Victoria

I’ve never seen anything like an African sunset.  I may only be 6 months old, but I’ve had the chance to see sunsets in Kenya, Tanzania, and the USA, and the sunsets here are by far the best.  I think it’s because we’re so close to the equator so the sun sets very quickly and this occurs at roughly the same time very day.  In fact, the sun sets so rapidly that you can actually watch it move and disappear below the horizon.  This is perfect for me, since I’m such a young, little dog and have ADHD!

A few minutes later, the sky looked like this...

I think another reason that the sunset here is so beautiful, is that the colors are framed by the rocks and the lake.  You all MUST come see what I’m making such a fuss about!

Sunset at Tunza Beach

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