Reason #1 I’m Becoming Tanzanian


Reason #1: Today I ate mishkaki in an alley


Mishkaki, YUM!

And for all you people who don’t know what mishkaki is, I’ll explain.  Mishkaki is basically roasted meat on a stick, except that the cooking-man was nice enough to take my meat off the stick so I didn’t hurt myself.

Here’s a picture  my mom found of real mishkaki:

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5 thoughts on “Reason #1 I’m Becoming Tanzanian

  1. Gram

    What KIND of meat??? 🙂
    Tito, I’m emailing photos of your sister’s latest predicament.
    When do you expect Grandma and Grandpa P.?

  2. I think it was meat from a cow…
    I’m super excited to see my Gram and Gramp today, hopefully they make it on time!

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