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Tito’s Story

My Story:

It all began on August 29th when I was born in Marion, NY.

My First Voyage

My adoptive parents found me on craigslist.org and came to get me when I was 7 weeks old.  My maiden voyage was from Marion, NY to Ithaca, NY.  I lived in chilly Ithaca from mid-October until December 30th while my adoptive parents studied at Cornell University.

Me and my frog toy at 7 weeks

Me and my frog toy at 8 weeks

During those first few months in Ithaca, I hiked Taughannock Falls and graduated from puppy school at Petsmart.

Me, mom, and dad at Taughannock Falls

Puppy School Graduation

While I enjoyed my new life, and 2 kitty siblings, the cold  weather and snow was just not for me.

Me and my siblings, Michi and Fupa

First Snow, in my snowsuit

My mom decided that she would take me with her to Tanzania while she collected data for her PhD thesis.  Much time and preparation went into planning my international adventure.  My mom applied for, and received, an import permit for Kenya and for Tanzania so that she could bring me into Africa. I received all my shots and had check-ups and documents prepared by veterinarians at Cornell University and Eastview Veterinary clinic.  In theory, everything was in place for my first big trip!

My mom is packed and we're ready to go!

This blog tells the story of my year-long African adventure…

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